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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A call to action for undertaking and sharing formative evaluations of public health campaignsGrunseit, A
2018A systematic search and review of adult-targeted overweight and obesity prevention mass media campaigns and their evaluation: 2000–2017Kaite, J; Grunseit, A; Bohn-Goldbaum, E; Bellew, B; Bauman, A
2021Acceptability and feasibility of an online physical activity program for women over 50: a pilot trialGrunseit, A
2018Acceptability of financial incentives for maintenance of weight loss in mid-older adults: a mixed methods studyMcGill, B; O'Hara, B; Grunseit, A; Bauman, A; Osborne, D; Lawler, L; Phongsavan, P
2011Advertising of fast-food to children on Australian television: Impact of industry self-regulation.Hebden, LA; King, L; Grunseit, A; Kelly, B; Chapman, K
2019Applying pragmatic approaches to complex program evaluation: a case study of implementation of the New South Wales Get Healthy at Work program.Grunseit, A
2019Are financial incentives for lifestyle behavior change informed or inspired by behavioral economics? A mapping reviewGrunseit, A
2017Assessing junk food consumption among Australian children: trends and associated characteristics from a cross-sectional studyGrunseit, A
2018Assessing the effectiveness of wellbeing initiatives for lawyers and support staff.Poynton, S; Chan, J; Vogt, M; Grunseit, A; Bruce, J
2018Australian athletes’ knowledge of the WADA Prohibited Substances List and performance enhancing substancesOrr, R; Grassney, M; Macniven, R; Grunseit, A; Halaki, M; Bauman, A
2023-07-04Barriers and enablers of vigorous intermittent lifestyle physical activity (VILPA) in physically inactive adults: a focus group study.Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C; Kritz, M; Grunseit, A; Chau, J; Ahmadi, M; Holtermann, A; Koster, A; Tudor-Locke, C; Johnson, N; Sherrington, C; Paudel, S; Maher, C; Stamatakis, E
2016Beyond fun runs and fruit bowls: An evaluation of the meso-level processes that shaped the Australian Healthy Workers InitiativeGrunseit, A; Rowbotham, S; Pescud, M; Indig, D; Wutzke, S
2020Beyond weight loss: Impact of a weight management programme for mid-older Australians in private health insurance settingMcGill, B; Bauman, A; Phongsavan, P; Grunseit, A; Lees, D; Shepherd, L; O'Hara, BJ
2020-07Closing the loop: short term impacts on physical activity of the completion of a loop trail in Sydney, AustraliaGrunseit, A
2016Cognitive benefits of social dancing and walking in old age: the Dancing Mind randomized controlled trialMerom, D; Grunseit, A; Eramudugolla, R; Jefferis, B; McNeill, J; Anstey, K
2016Correlates of physical activity among Indigenous and non-Indigenous adolescentsGrunseit, A
2023-05-31Development and Application of the Scale-Up Reflection Guide (SRG).Lee, K; Crane, M; Grunseit, A; O'Hara, B; Milat, A; Wolfenden, L; Bauman, A; van Nassau, F
2019Development of a tool for the evaluation of obesity prevention partnershipsGrunseit, A
2019“Doing a good thing for myself”: A qualitative study of young adults’ strategies for reducing takeaway food consumption.Grunseit, A
2020Ecological study of playground space and physical activity among primary school children.Grunseit, A; O'Hara, B; Drayton, B; Learnihan, V; Hardy, L; Clark, E; Klarenaar, P; Engelen, L