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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Applying the shunted loudspeaker for low-frequency sound attenuationGu, Z; Liu, X; Tao, J; Qiu, X
2014-01-01Bayesian Heteroskedastic Choice Modeling on Non-identically Distributed LinkagesHu, L; Cao, W; Cao, J; Xu, G; Cao, L; Gu, Z
2022-03-01Cell-Derived Biomimetic 2D Nanoparticles to Improve Cell-Specific Targeting and Tissue Penetration for Enhanced Magnetic Resonance ImagingZhang, Q; Zhou, D; Fang, G; Lu, H; Zeng, J; Gu, Z
2013-12-01Cross-domain collaborative filtering via bilinear multilevel analysisHu, L; Cao, J; Xu, G; Wang, J; Gu, Z; Cao, L
2014-01-01Deep modeling of group preferences for group-based recommendationHu, L; Cao, J; Xu, G; Cao, L; Gu, Z; Cao, W
2017-01-01Diversifying personalized recommendation with user-session contextHu, L; Cao, L; Wang, S; Xu, G; Cao, J; Gu, Z
2014-01-01Effects of suspended titanium dioxide nanoparticles on cake layer formation in submerged membrane bioreactorZhou, L; Zhang, Z; Xia, S; Jiang, W; Ye, B; Xu, X; Gu, Z; Guo, W; Ngo, HH; Meng, X; Fan, J; Zhao, J
2019HERS: Modeling Influential Contexts with Heterogeneous Relations for Sparse and Cold-Start RecommendationCao, L; Hu, L; Jian, S; Gu, Z; Chen, Q; Amirbekyan, A
2023-01-01Hydroxyl Radical Generating Monovalent Copper Particles for Antimicrobial ApplicationTan, TH; Zhang, H; Xie, B; Mann, R; Peng, L; Yun, SLJ; Amal, R; Gu, Z; Gunawan, C; Singh, J
2017-06-01Improving the quality of recommendations for users and items in the tail of distributionHu, L; Cao, L; Cao, J; Gu, Z; Xu, G; Wang, J
2012-01-01Latent informative links detectionHu, L; Cao, J; Xu, G; Gu, Z
2016-12-01Learning informative priors from heterogeneous domains to improve recommendation in cold-start user domainsHu, L; Cao, L; Cao, J; Gu, Z; Xu, G; Yang, D
2022-09-14Mechanisms of promotion in the heterotrophic growth of Chlorella vulgaris by the combination of sodium acetate and hydrolysate of broken rice.Cai, Y; Zhai, L; Wu, K; Li, Z; Gu, Z; Wang, Y; Cui, X; Zhou, T; Ruan, R; Liu, T; Liu, Y; Zhang, Q
2023-05Oxygen-vacancy-rich molybdenum carbide MXene nanonetworks for ultrasound-triggered and capturing-enhanced sonocatalytic bacteria eradication.Zong, L; Yu, Y; Wang, J; Liu, P; Feng, W; Dai, X; Chen, L; Gunawan, C; Jimmy Yun, SL; Amal, R; Cheong, S; Gu, Z; Chen, Y
2013-12-01Personalized recommendation via Cross-Domain Triadic FactorizationHu, L; Cao, J; Xu, G; Cao, L; Gu, Z; Zhu, C
2022-01-01StrokePEO: Construction of a Clinical Ontology for Physical Examination of StrokeGu, Z; Yang, X; Jia, W; Xu, C; Yu, P; He, X; Chen, H; Lin, Y
2018-10The genetic basis and cell of origin of mixed phenotype acute leukaemia.Alexander, TB; Gu, Z; Iacobucci, I; Dickerson, K; Choi, JK; Xu, B; Payne-Turner, D; Yoshihara, H; Loh, ML; Horan, J; Buldini, B; Basso, G; Elitzur, S; de Haas, V; Zwaan, CM; Yeoh, A; Reinhardt, D; Tomizawa, D; Kiyokawa, N; Lammens, T; De Moerloose, B; Catchpoole, D; Hori, H; Moorman, A; Moore, AS; Hrusak, O; Meshinchi, S; Orgel, E; Devidas, M; Borowitz, M; Wood, B; Heerema, NA; Carrol, A; Yang, Y-L; Smith, MA; Davidsen, TM; Hermida, LC; Gesuwan, P; Marra, MA; Ma, Y; Mungall, AJ; Moore, RA; Jones, SJM; Valentine, M; Janke, LJ; Rubnitz, JE; Pui, C-H; Ding, L; Liu, Y; Zhang, J; Nichols, KE; Downing, JR; Cao, X; Shi, L; Pounds, S; Newman, S; Pei, D; Guidry Auvil, JM; Gerhard, DS; Hunger, SP; Inaba, H; Mullighan, CG
2017-01-01Visibility Restoration for Single Hazy Image Using Dual Prior KnowledgeJu, M; Gu, Z; Zhang, D; Qin, H