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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Contestation, disruption and legitimization in women’s rugby leagueTaylor, T; O’Connor, D; Hanlon, C
2022Developing shared understanding of pre-eclampsia in Haiti and Zimbabwe using Theory of Change.Robbins, T; Musiyiwa, M; Gidiri, MF; Mambo, V; Hill, C; Sandall, J; Hanlon, C; Shennan, AH; Robinson, J
2022-12-31HeAlth System StrEngThening in four sub-Saharan African countries (ASSET) to achieve high-quality, evidence-informed surgical, maternal and newborn, and primary care: protocol for pre-implementation phase studies.Seward, N; Hanlon, C; Abdella, A; Abrahams, Z; Alem, A; Araya, R; Bachmann, M; Bekele, A; Bogale, B; Brima, N; Chibanda, D; Curran, R; Davies, J; Beyene, A; Fairall, L; Farrant, L; Frissa, S; Gallagher, J; Gao, W; Gwyther, L; Harding, R; Kartha, MR; Leather, A; Lund, C; Marx, M; Nkhoma, K; Murdoch, J; Petersen, I; Petrus, R; van Rensburg, A; Sandall, J; Sevdalis, N; Sheenan, A; Tadesse, A; Thornicroft, G; Verhey, R; Willott, C; Prince, M
2021-07-08Implementation science protocol for a participatory, theory-informed implementation research programme in the context of health system strengthening in sub-Saharan Africa (ASSET-ImplementER).Seward, N; Murdoch, J; Hanlon, C; Araya, R; Gao, W; Harding, R; Lund, C; Hinrichs-Krapels, S; Mayston, R; Kartha, M; Prince, M; Sandall, J; Thornicroft, G; Verhey, R; Sevdalis, N
2021-10-26Pills and prayers: a comparative qualitative study of community conceptualisations of pre-eclampsia and pluralistic care in Ethiopia, Haiti and Zimbabwe.Robbins, T; Hanlon, C; Kelly, AH; Gidiri, MF; Musiyiwa, M; Silverio, SA; Shennan, AH; Sandall, J
2023-04-17Understanding challenges as they impact on hospital-level care for pre-eclampsia in rural Ethiopia: a qualitative study.Robbins, T; Shennan, A; Sandall, J; Eshetu Guangul, T; Demissew, R; Abdella, A; Mayston, R; Hanlon, C