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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09A facile oxygen vacancy and bandgap control of Bi(OH)SO<sub>4</sub>·H<sub>2</sub>O for achieving enhanced photocatalytic remediation.Ma, M; Liu, Y; Wei, Y; Hao, D; Wei, W; Ni, B-J
2021-09-06A Green Synthesis of Ru Modified g-C3N4 Nanosheets for Enhanced Photocatalytic Ammonia SynthesisHao, D; Ren, J; Wang, Y; Arandiyan, H; Garbrecht, M; Bai, X; Shon, HK; Wei, W; Ni, B-J
2022-01-01A readily synthesized bismuth oxyiodide/attapulgite for the photodegradation of tetracycline under visible light irradiationLi, K; Zhang, Y; Zhang, X; Ni, BJ; Wei, Y; Xu, B; Hao, D
2021-09-10A reusable, separation-free and biodegradable calcium alginate/g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf> microsphere for sustainable photocatalytic wastewater treatmentHao, D; Huang, Q; Wei, W; Bai, X; Ni, BJ
2023-04-15An innovative AgI/MIL-100(Fe) Z-scheme heterojunction for simultaneously enhanced photoreduction of Cr(VI) and antibacterial activityWang, Q; Zhang, K; Zheng, S; Hu, X; Wang, L; Du, H; Hao, D; Yang, G
2022-01-10Boosted selective catalytic nitrate reduction to ammonia on carbon/bismuth/bismuth oxide photocatalystsHao, D; Wei, Y; Mao, L; Bai, X; Liu, Y; Xu, B; Wei, W; Ni, BJ
2020-12-01Controllable design of nanoworm-like nickel sulfides for efficient electrochemical water splitting in alkaline mediaChen, Z; Ibrahim, I; Hao, D; Liu, X; Wu, L; Wei, W; Su, D; Ni, BJ
2020-11-06Cover Feature: Optimizing the Carbon Dioxide Reduction Pathway through Surface Modification by Halogenation (ChemSusChem 21/2020)Liu, Z; Jiang, W; Liu, Z; Wang, Y; Wang, D; Hao, D; Yao, W; Teng, F
2021-09-20Defect engineering of oxide perovskites for catalysis and energy storage: synthesis of chemistry and materials science.Arandiyan, H; S Mofarah, S; Sorrell, CC; Doustkhah, E; Sajjadi, B; Hao, D; Wang, Y; Sun, H; Ni, B-J; Rezaei, M; Shao, Z; Maschmeyer, T
2021-06-30Emerging alternative for artificial ammonia synthesis through catalytic nitrate reductionHao, D; Chen, ZG; Figiela, M; Stepniak, I; Wei, W; Ni, BJ
2021-06-01Emerging artificial nitrogen cycle processes through novel electrochemical and photochemical synthesisHao, D; Liu, Y; Gao, S; Arandiyan, H; Bai, X; Kong, Q; Wei, W; Shen, PK; Ni, BJ
2023-11-15Engineering Colloidal Metal-Semiconductor Nanorods Hybrid Nanostructures for Photocatalysis<sup>†</sup>Chen, J; Hao, D; Chen, W; Liu, Y; Yin, Z; Hsu, HY; Ni, BJ; Wang, A; Lewis, SW; Jia, G
2022-05-30Enriched surface oxygen vacancies of BiOCl boosting efficient charge separation, whole visible-light absorption, and photo to thermal conversionZhong, Y; Wu, C; Feng, Y; Chen, D; Wang, Y; Hao, D; Ding, H
2023-12-10Fabrication of AgI/Ce-2MI Z-scheme heterojunction for enhanced photoreduction of Cr(VI) under visible light irradiationFu, Y; Mao, Y; Wang, L; Qiu, M; Xu, Y; Qian, J; Tan, M; Zhang, K; Hao, D; Wang, Q; Yang, G
2022-01-25Fabrication of CN75/NH<inf>2</inf>-MIL-53(Fe) p-n heterojunction with wide spectral response for efficiently photocatalytic Cr(VI) reductionZhang, K; Fu, Y; Hao, D; Guo, J; Ni, BJ; Jiang, B; Xu, L; Wang, Q
2022-11-15Fabrication of visible-light-active Fe-2MI film electrode for simultaneous removal of Cr(VI) and phenolTan, M; Gao, Q; Fu, Y; Xu, Y; Hao, D; Ni, BJ; Wang, Q
2023-01-15Fabrication of wide-spectra-responsive NA/NH<inf>2</inf>-MIL-125(Ti) with boosted activity for Cr(VI) reduction and antibacterial effectsFu, Y; Tan, M; Guo, Z; Hao, D; Xu, Y; Du, H; Zhang, C; Guo, J; Li, Q; Wang, Q
2021-12-01Fertiliser recovery from source-separated urine via membrane bioreactor and heat localized solar evaporation.Ren, J; Hao, D; Jiang, J; Phuntsho, S; Freguia, S; Ni, B-J; Dai, P; Guan, J; Shon, HK
2022-10Heterostructured V-Doped Ni2 P/Ni12 P5 Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution in Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers.Zhao, T; Wang, S; Li, Y; Jia, C; Su, Z; Hao, D; Ni, B-J; Zhang, Q; Zhao, C
2021-08-21High carrier separation efficiency for a defective g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf>with polarization effect and defect engineering: Mechanism, properties and prospectsBai, X; Jia, T; Wang, X; Hou, S; Hao, D; Bingjie-Ni,