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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11-01An investigation of impact resistance capacity of polypropylene (PP) added plasterboard subjected to soft-body impactMeng, Q; Zhang, X; Hao, H; James, I; Beel, M
2018-11-01Basalt scale-reinforced aluminium foam under static and dynamic loadsLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Liu, Z; Yang, Y
2016-07-01Behaviour of ultra high performance fibre reinforced concrete columns subjected to blast loadingXu, J; Wu, C; Xiang, H; Su, Y; Li, ZX; Fang, Q; Hao, H; Liu, Z; Zhang, Y; Li, J
2016-04-02Blast resistance of concrete slab reinforced with high performance fibre materialLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Su, Y; Liu, Z
2014-01-01Characteristics of free air blast loading due to simultaneously detonated multiple chargesMohottige, NW; Wu, C; Hao, H
2011-10-25Development of a simplified numerical method for structural response analysis to blast loadLi, J; Hao, H
2019-01-01Differential privacy oriented distributed online learning for mobile social video prefetchingWang, M; Xu, C; Chen, X; Hao, H; Zhong, L; Yu, S
2005-01Dynamic Testing of Unreinforced U-Shaped Adobe-Mudbrick Wall UnitSamali, B; Dowling, DM; Li, J; Deeks, AJ; Hao, H
2020-09-08ER-mitochondria contacts promote mtDNA nucleoids active transportation via mitochondrial dynamic tubulation.Qin, J; Guo, Y; Xue, B; Shi, P; Chen, Y; Su, QP; Hao, H; Zhao, S; Wu, C; Yu, L; Li, D; Sun, Y
2015-10-05An experimental and numerical study of reinforced ultra-high performance concrete slabs under blast loadsLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H
2017-02-15Experimental and numerical study on steel wire mesh reinforced concrete slab under contact explosionLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Su, Y
2023-02-15Experimental and numerical study on the impact resistance of ultra-high performance concrete strengthened RC beamsWei, J; Li, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Liu, J
2016-07-01Experimental investigation of ultra-high performance concrete slabs under contact explosionsLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Wang, Z; Su, Y
2022-11-01Experimental study of reinforced concrete beams reinforced with hybrid spiral-hooked end steel fibres under static and impact loadsHao, Y; Xiao, D; Hao, H; Li, J; Li, J
2005-01Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control of Seismically Excited Structure Using Magnetorheological DampersLi, J; Samali, B; Deeks, AJ; Hao, H
2017-02Golgi Microtubules are Hyper-Acetylated and Participate in Fast Cargo TraffickingHao, H; Su, Q; Zhao, S; Sun, Y
2020-03Golgi-associated microtubules are fast cargo tracks and required for persistent cell migration.Hao, H; Niu, J; Xue, B; Su, QP; Liu, M; Yang, J; Qin, J; Zhao, S; Wu, C; Sun, Y
2013-01-07Influence of brittle shear damage on accuracy of the two-step method in prediction of structural response to blast loadsLi, J; Hao, H
2019-03-15Investigation of shear performance of UHPC by direct shear testsWu, P; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Hao, H
2015-11-01Investigation of ultra-high performance concrete slab and normal strength concrete slab under contact explosionLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H