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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03-09Better informing decision making with multiple outcomes cost-effectiveness analysis under uncertainty in ost-disutility spaceMcCaffrey, N; Agar, M; Harlum, J; Karnon, J; Currow, D; Eckermann, S
2013-01-01Is home-based palliative care cost-effective? An economic evaluation of the palliative care extended packages at home (PEACH) pilotMcCaffrey, N; Agar, M; Harlum, J; Karnon, J; Currow, D; Eckermann, S
2024-01-02Longitudinal symptom profile of palliative care patients receiving a nurse-led end-of-life (PEACH) programme to support preference to die at home.Agar, M; Xuan, W; Lee, J; Barclay, G; Oloffs, A; Jobburn, K; Harlum, J; Maurya, N; Chow, JSF
2012-10-01Making decisions about delirium: A qualitative comparison of decision making between nurses working in palliative care, aged care, aged care psychiatry, and oncologyAgar, M; Draper, B; Phillips, PA; Phillips, J; Collier, A; Harlum, J; Currow, D
2012-01Making Decisions About Delirium: A Qualitative Comparison Of Decision Making Between Nurses Working In Palliative Care, Aged Care, Aged Care Psychiatry, And OncologyAgar, M; Draper, B; Phillips, P; Phillips, J; Collier, A; Harlum, J; Currow, D
2021-02-12Palliative Care Home Support Packages (PEACH): a carer cross-sectional survey.Chow, JSF; Barclay, G; Harlum, J; Swierczynski, J; Jobburn, K; Agar, M; PEACH Program,; PEACH Program Inter-District Executive Management Group,
2020-01-01Perceptions of nurses towards oral health in palliative care: A qualitative studyKong, AC; George, A; Villarosa, AR; Agar, M; Harlum, J; Wiltshire, J; Srinivas, R; Parker, D
2013-08-01Quality of life of community-based palliative care clients and their caregiversConnell, T; Fernandez, RS; Tran, D; Griffiths, R; Harlum, J; Agar, M
2011-01-01Quality-of-life trajectory of clients and carers referred to a community palliative care serviceConnell, T; Griffiths, R; Fernandez, RS; Tran, D; Agar, M; Harlum, J
2023-11-15The COVID-19 Pandemic: Bereavement Experiences Between Hospital and Home Deaths in Palliative Care.Lobb, E; Maccallum, F; Phillips, JL; Agar, M; Hosie, A; Breen, LJ; Tieman, J; DiGiacomo, M; Luckett, T; Philip, J; Ivynian, S; Chang, S; Dadich, A; Harlum, J; Gilmore, I; Kinchin, I; Grossman, C; Glasgow, N
2023-12-25The mental health of Australians bereaved during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic: A latent class analysisMaccallum, F; Breen, L; Phillips, J; Agar, M; Hosie, A; Tieman, J; DiGiacomo, M; Luckett, T; Philip, J; Ivynian, S; Chang, S; Dadich, A; Grossman, C; Gilmore, I; Harlum, J; Kitchin, I; Glasgow, N; Lobb, E
2021-06-25Virtual models of care for people with palliative care needs living in their own home: A systematic meta-review and narrative synthesis.Disalvo, D; Agar, M; Caplan, G; Murtagh, FE; Luckett, T; Heneka, N; Hickman, L; Kinchin, I; Trethewie, S; Sheehan, C; Urban, K; Cohen, J; Harlum, J; Long, B; Parker, T; Schaefer, I; Phillips, J