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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-223D Bioprinted cancer models: Revolutionizing personalized cancer therapyAugustine, R; Kalva, SN; Ahmad, R; Zahid, AA; Hasan, S; Nayeem, A; McClements, L; Hasan, A
2022-01-01A 5-Level Mid-Point Clamped HERIC InverterSyasegov, YY; Barzegarkhoo, R; Hasan, S; Li, L; Siwakoti, YP
2021-01-01A New Single-Stage Continuous Input Current Based High Gain Boost Inverter: Analysis and ImplementationShaw, P; Hasan, S; Khan, MNH; Siwakoti, Y
2022-03-01Comparative study on the contact-separation mode triboelectric nanogeneratorHasan, S; Kouzani, AZ; Adams, S; Long, J; Mahmud, MAP
2008-12-08Cultural influences and differences in software process improvement programsWong, B; Hasan, S
2008-01Governance approach in Asia's third sector: Adapted Western or modified Asian?Hasan, AS; Onyx, J; Hasan, S; Onyx, J
2006-01Software process improvements in BagladeshWong, B; Hasan, S; Arabria, H; Reza, H
2015-10-06Technical Evaluation of Ionic Liquid-Extractive Processing of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel FuelNancarrow, P; Mustafa, N; Shahid, A; Varughese, V; Zaffar, U; Ahmed, R; Akther, N; Ahmed, H; Alzubaidy, I; Hasan, S; Elsayed, Y; Sara, Z
2008-01Third sector organisation accountability and performanceOnyx, J; Hasan, S; Onyx, J
2008-01Third sector organisation governance: Introducing the themes and the chaptersHasan, AS; Lyons, MJ; Onyx, J; Hasan, S; Onyx, J
2008-01Third sector organisations and governance processOnyx, J; Hasan, S; Onyx, J
2008-01Three models of organisational governance in Asia's third sectorLyons, MJ; Nivison-Smith, I; Hasan, S; Onyx, J