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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-10-29Accurate wireless localization in sportsHedley, M; Zhang, J
2021-02-15Automatic Device-Location Association based on Received Signal Strength MeasurementsWang, Y; Li, S; Ni, W; Abbott, D; Johnson, M; Pei, G; Hedley, M
2022-10-01Cooperative Localization and Association of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf Sensors in Three-Dimensional Aircraft CabinWang, Y; Li, S; Ni, W; Abbott, D; Johnson, M; Pei, G; Hedley, M
2020-12-01Environment-Assisted Passive WiFi Tracking with Self-Localizing Asynchronous SniffersSuraweera, N; Li, S; Johnson, M; Collings, IB; Hanly, SV; Ni, W; Hedley, M
2011-12-01Fast and accurate tracking in wireless networksHedley, M; Liu, RP; Yang, X
2020-12-14Gaussian Mixture Model based Convolutional Sparse Coding for Radar Heartbeat DetectionLiu, J; Zhang, JA; Xu, R; Pearce, A; Ni, W; Hedley, M
2007-03-12T22:05:38ZOn Mode Adaptation for MIMO-OFDM-BICM Based on Measured Indoor ChannelsDaniels, G; Suzuki, H; Hedley, M
2019-12-01Passive Localization of Standard WiFi DevicesLi, S; Hedley, M; Bengston, K; Humphrey, D; Johnson, M; Ni, W
2021-12-01Passive Through-Wall Counting of People Walking Using WiFi Beamforming ReportsSuraweera, N; Winter, A; Sorensen, J; Li, S; Johnson, M; Collings, IB; Hanly, SV; Ni, W; Hedley, M
2015-04-27Radio alignment for inductive charging of electric vehiclesNi, W; Collings, IB; Wang, X; Liu, RP; Kajan, A; Hedley, M; Abolhasan, M
2018-09-04Recent advances on cooperative wireless localization and their application in inhomogeneous propagation environmentsLi, S; Ni, W; Sung, CK; Hedley, M
2012-12-01Rogue access point detection and localizationLe, TM; Liu, RP; Hedley, M
2018-02-14Skew log-normal channel model for indoor cooperative localizationSung, CK; Li, S; Hedley, M; Nikolic, N; Ni, W
2019-11-15The Effect of Linear Approximation and Gaussian Noise Assumption in Multi-Sensor Positioning through Experimental EvaluationGabela, J; Kealy, A; Li, S; Hedley, M; Moran, W; Ni, W; Williams, S
2013-01-24Wireless Localization SystemGuo, Y; Hedley, M; Huang, X
2013-02-12WLAN location service with TXOPLiu, RP; Hedley, M; Yang, X