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2020-11-17Clinical trials with cannabis medicines-guidance for ethics committees, governance officers and researchers to streamline ethics applications and ensuring patient safety: considerations from the Australian experience.Martin, JH; Hill, C; Walsh, A; Efron, D; Taylor, K; Kennedy, M; Galettis, R; Lightfoot, P; Hanson, J; Irving, H; Agar, M; Lacey, J
2022Developing shared understanding of pre-eclampsia in Haiti and Zimbabwe using Theory of Change.Robbins, T; Musiyiwa, M; Gidiri, MF; Mambo, V; Hill, C; Sandall, J; Hanlon, C; Shennan, AH; Robinson, J
2019-03-01Effect of a novel vital sign device on maternal mortality and morbidity in low-resource settings: a pragmatic, stepped-wedge, cluster-randomised controlled trialVousden, N; Lawley, E; Nathan, HL; Seed, PT; Gidiri, MF; Goudar, S; Sandall, J; Chappell, LC; Shennan, AH; Kachinjika, M; Bukani, D; Makwakwa, J; Makonyola, G; Brown, A; Toussaint, P; Vixama, A; Greene, G; Hill, C; Nakiriija, E; Birungi, D; Kalyowa, N; Namakula, D; Byamugisha, J; Nakimuli, A; Mackayi Odeke, N; Ditai, J; Wandabwa, J; Momodou, F; Sesay, M; Sandi, P; Conteh, J; Kamara, J; Clarke, M; Best, R; Miti, J; Kopeka, M; Vwalika, B; Chima, M; Musonda, T; Jere, C; Chinkoyo, S; Mambo, V; Guchale, Y; Yadeta, L; Surur, F; Mungarwadi, GM; Mastiholi, SS; Karadiguddi, CC; Charantimath, U; Bellad, M; Hezelgrave, N; Duhig, KE
2018-03-27Evaluation of a novel device for the management of high blood pressure and shock in pregnancy in low-resource settings: Study protocol for a stepped-wedge cluster-randomised controlled trial (CRADLE-3 trial)Nathan, HL; Duhig, K; Vousden, N; Lawley, E; Seed, PT; Sandall, J; Bellad, MB; Brown, AC; Chappell, LC; Goudar, SS; Gidiri, MF; Shennan, AH; Hezelgrave, NL; Charantimath, U; Karadiguddi, CC; Mastiholi, SS; Mungarwadi, GM; Surur, F; Yadeta, L; Guchale, Y; Mambo, V; Chinkoyo, S; Musonda, T; Jere, C; Vwalika, B; Kopeka, M; Chima, M; Miti, J; Best, R; Clarke, M; Kamara, J; Conteh, J; Sandi, P; Sesay, M; Momodou, F; Wandabwa, J; Ditai, J; Odeke, NM; Nakimuli, A; Byamugisha, J; Namakula, D; Kalyowa, N; Birungi, D; Nakirijja, E; Hill, C; Greene, G; Vixama, A; Toussaint, P; Makonyola, G; Bukani, D; Kachinjika, M; Makwakwa, J
2019-04-18Exploring the effect of implementation and context on a stepped-wedge randomised controlled trial of a vital sign triage device in routine maternity care in low-resource settingsVousden, N; Lawley, E; Seed, PT; Gidiri, MF; Charantimath, U; Makonyola, G; Brown, A; Yadeta, L; Best, R; Chinkoyo, S; Vwalika, B; Nakimuli, A; Ditai, J; Greene, G; Chappell, LC; Sandall, J; Shennan, AH; Bukani, D; Toussaint, P; Vixama, A; Hill, C; Nakirijja, E; Birungi, D; Kalyowa, N; Namakuli, D; Byamugisha, J; Odeke, NM; Wandabwa, J; Momodou, F; Sesay, M; Sandi, P; Conteh, J; Kamara, J; Clarke, M; Miti, J; Chima, M; Kopeka, M; Jere, C; Musonda, T; Mambo, V; Guchale, Y; Surur, F; Mungarwadi, GM; Mastiholi, SS; Karadiguddi, CC; Hezelgrave, N; Duhig, KE; Kachinjika, M; Bellad, M; Makwakwa, J
2022-04-01Proteomic Analysis of Whole Blood Using Volumetric Absorptive Microsampling for Precision Medicine Biomarker Studies.Molloy, MP; Hill, C; O'Rourke, MB; Chandra, J; Steffen, P; McKay, MJ; Pascovici, D; Herbert, BR
2007-01A proteomics laboratory system and digital mentorMaher, A; Lake, M; Langtry, T; Hill, C; Appelbe, W
2012-07-01Specific non-peroxide antibacterial effect of manuka honey on the Staphylococcus aureus proteomePacker, JM; Irish, J; Herbert, BR; Hill, C; Padula, M; Blair, SE; Carter, DA; Harry, EJ
2022-01-01Sustainability of transnational education: learning from Asia and the Gulf cooperation councilHill, C; Lim, FCB
2012-08-06Time-course proteome analysis reveals the dynamic response of cryptococcus gattii cells to fluconazoleChong, HS; Campbell, L; Padula, MP; Hill, C; Harry, E; Li, SS; Wilkins, MR; Herbert, B; Carter, D
2012-01Time-course proteome analysis reveals the dynamic response of Cryptococcus gattii cells to fluconazole.Chong, HS; Campbell, L; Padula, MP; Hill, C; Harry, E; Li, SS; Wilkins, MR; Herbert, B; Carter, D
2022-09TROG 14.04: Multicentre Study of Feasibility and Impact on Anxiety of DIBH in Breast Cancer Patients.Kron, T; Bressel, M; Lonski, P; Hill, C; Mercieca-Bebber, R; Ahern, V; Lehman, M; Johnson, C; Latty, D; Ward, R; Miller, D; Banjade, D; Morriss, D; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Woodcock, J; Montgomery, R; Lehmann, J; Chua, BH