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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01Asia-Pacific perspectives on the global financial crisis 2007-2009Batten, J; Hogan, W; Szilagyi, PG; Kim, SJ; Mckenzie, MD
2003-04-01Australia's economic growth prospects to 2010 and beyondHogan, W
2009-01The bank deposit and wholesale guarantees of 12 October 2008: An appraisalHogan, W
2003-01Banking and social resposibilityBatten, J; Hogan, W; Batten, J; Fetherston, T
2007-01CIS Policy Monograph 76: The Organisation of Residential Aged Care for an Aging PopulationHogan, W
2006-01The distribution of yen denominated credit spreadsEllis, C; Hogan, W; Batten, J; Fetherston, TA; Szilagyi, PG
2006-01Dynamic equilibrium correction modelling of yen Eurobond credit spreadsPynnonen, S; Hogan, W; Batten, J; Batten, J; Fetherston, TA; Szilagyi, PG
2005-01Economic and financial aspects of aged careHogan, W
2008-01Economic and financial themes in Australian aged care: Regulatory restraint and its consequencesHogan, W
2004-03-01The effectiveness of interest-rate futures contracts for hedging Japanese bonds of different credit quality and durationYoung, M; Hogan, W; Batten, J
2005-02-01Interest rates, stock returns and credit spreads: Evidence from German EurobondsWagner, N; Hogan, W; Batten, J
2008-01Kangaroo Bond Issuance in AustraliaBatten, J; Hogan, W; Szilagyi, PG
2009-01Markets, disturbances and responsesHogan, W; Batten, J; Puttaswamaiah, K
2002-10-16A perspective on credit derivativesBatten, J; Hogan, W
2001-01Price Discovery in the Australian Dollar Foreign Exchange MarketBatten, J; Hogan, W
2004-01Review of pricing arrangements in residential aged care.Hogan, W
2002-10-15Scaling the volatility of credit spreads: Evidence from Australian dollar eurobondsBatten, J; Ellis, C; Hogan, W