CIS Policy Monograph 76: The Organisation of Residential Aged Care for an Aging Population

The Centre for Independent Studies
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2007, pp. 1 - 25
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The demographics are unequivocal and undisputed. Over the last thirty years, average life expectancy in Australia has been steadily rising (every year it increases by more than three months) while birth rates have been falling. The result is that the average age of the population is increasing as we live longer but have fewer babies. In June 2006, 19% of Australians were under 15 years of age while 13% were over 65. Fast forward to June 2056, and it is predicted that only 15% will be under 15 but 26% will be over 65. The proportion of Australians over the present retirement age is thus expected to double to more than a quarter of the total population in the next fifty years
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