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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02-01Evaluating waterpoint sustainability and access implications of revenue collection approaches in rural KenyaFoster, T; Hope, R
2017-06-01Groundwater and poverty in sub-Saharan AfricaBaguma, A; Bizoza, A; Carter, R; Cavill, S; Foster, S; Foster, T; Jobbins, G; Hope, R; Katuva, J; Koehler, J; Shepherd, A; Simons, A
2012-01-01GSM-enabled remote monitoring of rural handpumps: A proof-of-concept studyThomson, P; Hope, R; Foster, T
2012-11-01Impacts and implications of mobile water payments in East AfricaFoster, T; Hope, R; Thomas, M; Cohen, I; Krolikowski, A; Nyaga, C
2022-03-30Investing in professionalized maintenance to increase social and economic returns from drinking water infrastructure in rural KenyaFoster, T; Hope, R; Nyaga, C; Koehler, J; Katuva, J; Thomson, P; Gladstone, N
2014-05-28Mobile water payments in urban Africa: Adoption, implications and opportunitiesFoster, T; Hope, R; Krolikowski, A; Cohen, I
2016-10-01A multi-decadal and social-ecological systems analysis of community waterpoint payment behaviours in rural KenyaFoster, T; Hope, R
2017-09-25Multi-decadal financial assessment of groundwater services for low-income households in rural KenyaFoster, T; Katuva, J; Hope, R
2016-07-01Predictors, Patterns & Implications of Waterpoint Financial Performance in Rural KenyaFoster, T; Hope, R
2012-01-01Reducing risks to rural water security in Africa.Hope, R; Foster, T; Thomson, P
2018-06-01Risk factors associated with rural water supply failure: A 30-year retrospective study of handpumps on the south coast of KenyaFoster, T; Willetts, J; Lane, M; Thomson, P; Katuva, J; Hope, R
2019-12-31Rural Water Policy in Africa and AsiaHope, R; Foster, T; Koehler, J; Thomson, P; Dadson, S; Garrick, D; Penning-Rowsell, E; Hall, J; Hope, R; Hughes, J