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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A cross-disciplinary view of testing and bioinformatic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 and other human respiratory viruses in pandemic settingsHossain, MA; Brito-Rodriguez, B; Sedger, LM; Canning, J
2020-08-01A Robust Multi-channel Smartphone Spectrometer Utilizing Multiple Diffraction OrdersBiswas, PC; Hossain, MA; Rani, S; Islam, MR; Canning, J
2022A Systematic review of sexual and reproductive health needs, experiences, access to services, and interventions among the rohingya and the afghan refugee women of reproductive age in Asia.Hossain, MA; Dawson, A
2015-01-01Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy on a smartphoneHossain, MA; Canning, J; Cook, K; Ast, S; Rutledge, PJ; Jamalipour, A
2018-06-01Active power management in a low-voltage islanded microgridHossain, MA; Pota, HR; Hossain, MJ; Haruni, AMO
2012-10-01Adsorption and desorption of copper(II) ions onto garden grassHossain, MA; Ngo, HH; Guo, WS; Setiadi, T
2023-01-01Antecedents and consequences of blockchain adoption in supply chains: a systematic literature reviewHappy, A; Chowdhury, MMH; Scerri, M; Hossain, MA; Barua, Z
2015-01-01Bend and twist intramolecular charge transfer and emission for selective metal ion sensingCanning, J; Ast, S; Hossain, MA; Chan, H; Rutledge, PJ; Jamalipour, A
2014-01-01Centralised and portable 'network forensics' using smartphone-based diagnostics: Case study - The mapping of tap water pH across Sydney, AustraliaHossain, MA; Canning, J; Ast, S; Rutledge, PJ; Webster, R; Jamalipour, A
2017-01-01Characterisation of 3D printers using fibre Bragg gratingsCanning, J; Cook, K; Hossain, MA; Han, C; Chartier, L; Athanaze, T
2015-01-01Combined "dual" absorption and fluorescence smartphone spectrometersHossain, MA; Canning, J; Ast, S; Cook, K; Rutledge, PJ; Jamalipour, A
2014-01-01Competitive adsorption of metals on cabbage waste from multi-metal solutionsHossain, MA; Ngo, HH; Guo, WS; Nghiem, LD; Hai, FI; Vigneswaran, S; Nguyen, TV
2020-06-01Conversion of lignocellulosic corn agro-waste into cellulose derivative and its potential application as pharmaceutical excipientRahman, MS; Mondal, MIH; Yeasmin, MS; Abu Sayeed, M; Hossain, MA; Ahmed, MB
2017-06-01DC-link voltage regulation of inverters to enhance microgrid stability during network contingenciesHossain, MA; Pota, HR; Haruni, AMO; Hossain, MJ
2013Development of novel biosorbents in removing heavy metals from aqueous solutionHossain, MA
2016-12-01Drawing optical fibers from three-dimensional printersCanning, J; Hossain, MA; Han, C; Chartier, L; Cook, K; Athanaze, T
2015-12-01Early warning smartphone diagnostics for water security and analysis using real-time pH mappingHossain, MA; Canning, J; Ast, S; Rutledge, PJ; Jamalipour, A
2020-06-01Efficacies of carbon-based adsorbents for carbon dioxide captureKhandaker, T; Hossain, MS; Dhar, PK; Rahman, MS; Hossain, MA; Ahmed, MB
2021-05-15Enhanced Marine Predators Algorithm for identifying static and dynamic Photovoltaic models parametersAbd Elaziz, M; Thanikanti, SB; Ibrahim, IA; Lu, S; Nastasi, B; Alotaibi, MA; Hossain, MA; Yousri, D
2019-07-01Evolution of microgrids with converter-interfaced generations: Challenges and opportunitiesHossain, MA; Pota, HR; Hossain, MJ; Blaabjerg, F