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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-19A short-term power load forecasting model based on the generalized regression neural network with decreasing step fruit fly optimization algorithmHu, R; Wen, S; Zeng, Z; Huang, T
2018-01-01Adversarially regularized graph autoencoder for graph embeddingPan, S; Hu, R; Long, G; Jiang, J; Yao, L; Zhang, C
2019-08-16Attributed Graph Clustering: A Deep Attentional Embedding ApproachWang, C; Pan, S; Hu, R; Long, G; Jiang, J; Zhang, C
2013-02-25Broadband downshifting luminescence in Cr<sup>3+</sup>-Yb<sup>3+</sup> codoped garnet for efficient photovoltaic generationYe, S; Zhou, J; Wang, S; Hu, R; Wang, D; Qiu, J
2020-04-01Clustering social audiences in business information networksZheng, Y; Hu, R; Fung, SF; Yu, C; Long, G; Guo, T; Pan, S
2016-10-31Co-clustering enterprise social networksHu, R; Pan, S; Long, G; Zhu, X; Jiang, J; Zhang, C
2023-12-21CStrCRL: Cross-view Contrastive Learning through Gated GCN with Strong Augmentations for Skeleton RecognitionHu, R; Wang, X; Chang, X; Zhang, Y; Hu, Y; Liu, X; Yu, S
2022-02-01Deep neighbor-aware embedding for node clustering in attributed graphsWang, C; Pan, S; Yu, CP; Hu, R; Long, G; Zhang, C
2023-12-01Exploring explicit and implicit graph learning for multivariate time series imputationChen, Y; Hu, R; Li, Z; Yang, C; Wang, X; Xu, G
2020-08Foreword to the Special Section on Shape Modeling International 2020.Bommes, D; Pietroni, N; Hu, R
2020-01-01Going deep: Graph convolutional ladder-shape networksHu, R; Pan, S; Long, G; Lu, Q; Zhu, L; Jiang, J
2017-11-06Graph ladder networks for network classificationHu, R; Pan, S; Jiang, J; Long, G
2019-01-03Learning Graph Embedding with Adversarial Training MethodsPan, S; Hu, R; Fung, S-F; Long, G; Jiang, J; Zhang, C
2020Learning Graph Embedding with Adversarial Training MethodsPan, S; Hu, R; Fung, S-F; Long, G; Jiang, J; Zhang, C
2019-09-01Memristor-Based Echo State Network with Online Least Mean SquareWen, S; Hu, R; Yang, Y; Huang, T; Zeng, Z; Song, YD
2021-04MHieR-encoder: Modelling the high-frequency changes across stocksFu, Z; Xu, W; Hu, R; Long, G; Jiang, J
2023-01-01Mutual Dual-task Generator with Adaptive Attention Fusion for Image InpaintingZhang, Y; Liu, Y; Hu, R; Wu, Q; Zhang, J
2022-06-10Neural Subgraph Counting with Wasserstein EstimatorWang, H; Hu, R; Zhang, Y; Qin, L; Wang, W; Zhang, W
2017-01-01On gleaning knowledge from multiple domains for active learningWang, Z; Du, B; Zhang, L; Hu, R; Tao, D
2022-11-15Phenylphosphonic acid as a grain-refinement additive for a stable lithium metal anode.Zou, P; Liu, J; Huang, Z; Hu, R; Ouyang, L