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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-28A Novel Ensemble Adaptive Sparse Bayesian Transfer Learning Machine for Nonlinear Large-Scale Process Monitoring.Cheng, H; Liu, Y; Huang, D; Xu, C; Wu, J
2020-12-09Adaptive Transfer Learning of Cross-Spatiotemporal Canonical Correlation Analysis for Plant-Wide Process MonitoringCheng, H; Liu, Y; Huang, D; Pan, Y; Wang, Q
2005-08-01Analysis and optimization of the MODIS leaf area index algorithm retrievals over broadleaf forestsShabanov, NV; Huang, D; Yang, W; Tan, B; Knyazikhin, Y; Myneni, RB; Ahl, DE; Gower, ST; Huete, AR; Aragão, LEOC; Shimabukuro, YE
2022-04-25Correlation between small polaron tunneling relaxation and donor ionization in Ga<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>Shi, YL; Huang, D; Ling, FCC; Tian, QS; Liao, LS; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2016-10-15Development of multiple-step soft-sensors using a Gaussian process model with application for fault prognosisLiu, Y; Xiao, H; Pan, Y; Huang, D; Wang, Q
2005-09-01Efficient selection of discriminative genes from microarray gene expression data for cancer diagnosisHuang, D; Chow, TWS; Ma, EWM; Li, J
2020-03-07Electron-pinned defect dipoles in (Li, Al) co-doped ZnO ceramics with colossal dielectric permittivityHuang, D; Li, WL; Liu, ZF; Li, YX; Ton-That, C; Cheng, J; Choy, WCH; Ling, FCC
2022-10Endogenous Adenosine 5'-Monophosphate, But Not Acetylcholine or Histamine, is Associated with Asthma Control, Quality of Life, and Exacerbations.Fang, XM; Liu, Y; Wang, J; Zhang, X; Wang, L; Zhang, L; Zhang, HP; Liu, L; Huang, D; Liu, D; Deng, K; Luo, FM; Wan, HJ; Li, WM; Wang, G; Oliver, BG
2012-12-01Fairness and capacity analysis of opportunistic feedback protocol with proportional fair or maximum throughput schedulingLi, H; Guo, Q; Fang, L; Huang, D
2017-05-01Fault prognosis of filamentous sludge bulking using an enhanced multi-output gaussian processes regressionLiu, Y; Pan, Y; Huang, D; Wang, Q
2020-10-12Few-Shot Ensemble Learning for Video Classification with SlowFast Memory NetworksQi, M; Qin, J; Zhen, X; Huang, D; Yang, Y; Luo, J
2023-01-01How Do Logistics Disruptions Affect Rural Households? Evidence from COVID-19 in ChinaLi, N; Chen, M; Huang, D
2023-01-23Impact of lockdown and government subsidies on rural households at early COVID-19 pandemic in ChinaLi, N; Chen, M; Gao, H; Huang, D; Yang, X
2021-10-17Latent Memory-augmented Graph Transformer for Visual StorytellingQi, M; Qin, J; Huang, D; Shen, Z; Yang, Y; Luo, J
2012-12-01Multiuser Diversity with Capture in OFDMA systems with clustered feedbackLi, H; Guo, Q; Fang, L; Huang, D
2021-10-01No evidence for tropicalization of coral assemblages in a subtropical climate change hot spotMizerek, TL; Madin, JS; Benzoni, F; Huang, D; Luiz, OJ; Mera, H; Schmidt-Roach, S; Smith, SDA; Sommer, B; Baird, AH
2011-06-01Novel potential markers of nasopharyngeal carcinoma for diagnosis and therapyTang, F; Xie, C; Huang, D; Wu, Y; Zeng, M; Yi, L; Wang, Y; Mei, W; Cao, Y; Sun, L
2019-04-01Pakchoi antioxidant improvement and differential rhizobacterial community composition under organic fertilizationLiao, J; Ye, J; Liang, Y; Khalid, M; Huang, D
2016-08-08Prediction of Filamentous Sludge Bulking using a State-based Gaussian Processes Regression Model.Liu, Y; Guo, J; Wang, Q; Huang, D
2021-05-01Rebooting kernel CCA method for nonlinear quality-relevant fault detection in process industriesCheng, H; Liu, Y; Huang, D; Cai, B; Wang, Q