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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2007Application of particle swarm optimization for the design of UWB bandpass filtersToya, S; Huang, T; Mohan, AS; Yakabe, T
1-Jan-2018An attention-based word-level interaction model for knowledge base relation detectionZhang, H; Xu, G; Liang, X; Xu, G; Li, F; Fu, K; Wang, L; Huang, T
1-Dec-2011Convergence analysis for channel-coded physical layer network coding in Gaussian two-way relay channelsHuang, T; Yang, T; Yuan, J; Land, I
1-Jan-2004Design of a leg system for quadruped gallopNichol, JG; Palmer, LR; Waldron, KJ; Huang, T
8-Feb-2013Design of irregular repeat-accumulate coded physical-layer network coding for Gaussian two-way relay channelsHuang, T; Yang, T; Yuan, J; Land, I
26-Oct-2011Distance properties and performance of physical layer network coding with binary linear codes for Gaussian two-way relay channelsYang, T; Land, I; Huang, T; Yuan, J; Chen, Z
1-Jun-2012Distance spectrum and performance of channel-coded physical-layer network coding for binary-input gaussian two-way relay channelsYang, T; Land, I; Huang, T; Yuan, J; Chen, Z
1-Dec-2005A hybrid boundary condition for robust particle swarm optimizationHuang, T; Mohan, AS
2015Interaction design in multidimensional visualization : techniques for multidimensional data visualization, exploration and visual analyticsHuang, T
15-Oct-2006Micro-particle swarm optimizer for solving high dimensional optimization problems (╬╝PSO for high dimensional optimization problems)Huang, T; Mohan, AS
1-Mar-2007A microparticle swarm optimizer for the reconstruction of microwave imagesHuang, T; Sanagavarapu Mohan, A
2007Microwave image reconstruction of 3-D dielectric scatterers via stochastic optimization approachesHuang, T
29-Sep-2004Microwave imaging of perfect electrically conducting cylinder by micro-genetic algorithmHuang, T; Mohan, AS
1-Jan-2005Microwave imaging of three-dimensional dielectric objectsHuang, T; Mohan, AS
1-Dec-2004Microwave imaging of three-dimensional dielectric objects using micro-genetic algorithmHuang, T; Mohan, AS
1-Aug-2016Nitrogen removal characteristics of indigenous aerobic denitrifiers and changes in the microbial community of a reservoir enclosure system via in situ oxygen enhancement using water lifting and aeration technologyZhou, S; Huang, T; Ngo, HH; Zhang, H; Liu, F; Zeng, M; Shi, J; Qiu, X
Jan-2003Novel Compensation Technique for Near-field Multi-view Microwave ImagingHuang, T; Sanagavarapu, AM; Lee, HS; Lee, SG; Pack, JK
28-Sep-2004Performance optimization of microwave filters using photonic band GAP (PBG) structuresMohan, AS; Chiu, HM; Huang, T
1-Jun-2015Proactive behavior-based safety management for construction safety improvementLi, H; Lu, M; Hsu, SC; Gray, M; Huang, T
1-Jan-2004Recirculation-enhanced switching in photonic crystal Mach-Zehnder interferometersWhite, TP; De Sterke, CM; McPhedran, RC; Huang, T; Botten, LC