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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-May-2015Aboriginal Cowboys? On the possibilities of the Western in Australia’s far west.Hurley, AW; Higgins, M; Keresztesi, R; Oscherwitz, D
Jan-2003Albert Mangelsdorff's Es sungen drei Engel: Navigating a path through jazz, German folklore and post-war (West) German identityHurley, AW; Benbow, HM; Ernst, G
2018Always within reach, trumpet gold, interpretation-free, above suspicion? Gunter Grass, Jazz and LiteratureHurley, AW; Krick-Aigner, K; Schuster, M-O
Jan-2009Beating the East German blues: musical representations of freedom in Leander Haussmann's Sonnenallee and Michael Schorr's Schultze gets the blues'Hurley, AW; Radner, H; Fossen, P
1-Jan-2008Beyond the Sakura Waltz: Reflections on the encounter between German and Japanese jazz, 1962-1985Hurley, AW
Jan-2008But Did the World Meet Jazz?: Ein Blick hinter Joachim Ernst Berendts Plattenreihe 'Jazz Meets the World'Hurley, AW; Knauer, W
Jan-2011Collapsing (New) Buildings: Town planning, history and music in Hubertus Siegert's Berlin Babylon (2001).Hurley, AW
1-Nov-2015Establishing minimal techno as soundtrack to the Creative City: Hannes Stöhr's Berlin callingHurley, AW
2-Jan-2017Farewell my country? Hermannsburg, Gus Williams, and the indigenised HeimatliedHurley, AW
1-Jan-2009From aboriginal Australia to German autumn: On the West German reception of thirteen ‘films from black Australia’Hurley, AW
30-Jul-2015From documentation to dialogue: On bringing Brazilian popular music and jazz to West GermanyHurley, AW; Finger, A; Kathoefer, G; Larkosh, C
1-Jan-2010Hansjürgen pohland’s tobby (1961/62): Jazz, cinéma-vérité and the beginnings of young German cinemaHurley, AW
12-Sep-2015How 'Afro-Americanophilia' became Polyphilia: Joachim-Ernst Berendt's Journey from Jazz to 'Weltmusik.'Hurley, AW
17-Oct-2018In and Out: Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion in Joachim Ernst Berendt's Jazzbuch, or Towards the Biography of a BookHurley, AW; Knauer, W
1-Feb-2015Into the Groove? Popular Music and Contemporary German FictionHurley, AW
12-Sep-2015Introduction: Special Issue on Afro-Americanophilia in Germany.Hurley, AW; Ege, M
1-Jan-2013"Jack of all trades" or "double agent?" the German popular musician as novelistHurley, AW
Jan-2005"Jazz for Goethe" on "Politics' Third Stage": West German Government-sponsored jazz tours during the 1960s. Revising "outdated imaginations of West Germany" or participating in Western "cultural penetration"?Hurley, AW; Ernst, G; Hurley, A; Sutton, K
-Jazz PopeHurley, AW
Jan-2006Joachim Ernst Berendt - Jazz, U-Musik, Pop-Jazz und die Ambivalenz (1950-70)Hurley, AW; Knauer, W