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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002The Appropriateness of Gutmans Means-End Chain Model in Software EvaluationWong, B; IEEE
Jan-2006Belief Driven Manipulator Control for Integrated Searching and TrackingWebb, SS; Furukawa, T; IEEE
2005CSOM: Self-organizing map for continuous dataHadzic, F; Dillon, TS; IEEE
Jan-2009Data Fusion Techniques for Auto Calibration inWireless Sensor NetworksTakruri, MS; Challa, S; Yunis, R; IEEE
2005Declarative web form design method for XForms in e-Business applicationsGardner, W; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; IEEE
Jan-2008Efficient Projection for Compressed SensingVo, N; Challa, S; Vo, D; Lee, S; IEEE
Jan-2007Expanding the view on Complexity within the Architecture Trade-off Analysis MethodColquitt, D; Leaney, JR; IEEE
Jan-2008A global internet infrastructureHoang, DB; IEEE
2012Implementation of a Haptic Musical Instrument Using Multi-Signal Fusion for Force Sensing Without Additional Force SensorsHavryliv, M; Naghdy, F; Schiemer, G; IEEE; Japan, RSO
Jan-2008Implementing and Validating an Environmental and Health Monitoring SystemMessina, M; Lim, Y; Lawrence, EM; Martin, DK; Kargl, F; IEEE
Jan-2009The Influence of Team Relationships on Software QualityWong, B; Bhatti, M; IEEE
2016Natural Human-Robot Interaction Using Social CuesRomat, H; Williams, M-A; Wang, X; Johnston, B; Bard, H; IEEE
2005Optimal placement for opportunistic cameras using genetic algorithmAl-Hmouz, R; Challa, S; IEEE
Jan-2009Parametric Subspace Analysis for dimensionality reduction and classificationVo, N; Vo, D; Challa, S; Moran, B; IEEE
Jan-2008ReMoteCare: Health Monitoring with Streaming VideoFischer, M; Lim, Y; Lawrence, EM; Ganguli, LK; IEEE
2005Smoothing framework for automatic track initiation in clutterChakravorty, R; Challa, S; IEEE
2008A Survey in Semantic Web Technologies-Inspired Focused CrawlersDong, H; Hussain, FK; Chang, E; IEEE
Jan-2011Understanding project success - four-level project success frameworkEager, DM; IEEE
Jan-2007Using Wireless Sensor Networks for Aged Care: The Patient's PerspectiveSteele, RJ; Secombe, C; Brookes, WC; IEEE
2004Video object encoder using selective local-space support vector machinesTsai, PH; Jan, S; Gunes, H; IEEE