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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-01A novel hybrid optimization approach for reactive power dispatch problem considering voltage stability indexNasouri Gilvaei, M; Jafari, H; Jabbari Ghadi, M; Li, L
2019-03-06Effect of changes in incentives and penalties on interruptible/curtailable demand response program in microgrid operationImani, MH; Yousefpour, K; Andani, MT; Jabbari Ghadi, M
2017-08-11Hybrid power plant offering strategy to deal with the stochastic nature and outage of wind generatorsAzizivahed, A; Ghavidel, S; Barani, M; Jabbari Ghadi, M; Li, L; Zhang, J
2020Optimal design of solar photovoltaic and concentrated solar power system for coal-fired power plants in NSWJabbari Ghadi, M; Li, L; Zhang, J
2019-11-15A pattern recognition methodology for analyzing residential customers load data and targeting demand response applicationsRajabi, A; Eskandari, M; Jabbari Ghadi, M; Ghavidel, S; Li, L; Zhang, J; Siano, P
2020Proposing a framework for resilient active distribution systems using withstand, respond, adapt, and prevent elementMishra, DK; Jabbari Ghadi, M; Li, L; Zhang, J
2020Risk-Oriented Multi-Area Economic Dispatch Solution with High Penetration of Wind Power Generation and Compressed Air Energy Storage SystemAzizivahed, A; Razavi, SE; Arefi, A; Jabbari Ghadi, M; Li, L; Zhang, J; Shafie-khah, M; Catalao, JPS
2017-08-01Swarm robotics search & rescue: A novel artificial intelligence-inspired optimization approachBakhshipour, M; Jabbari Ghadi, M; Namdari, F