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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Creating a Circular Economy PrecinctJazbec, M; Turner, A
2017-06-28Demand Management Incentives Review: Creating a level playing field for network DM in the National Electricity MarketDunstan, C; Alexander, D; Morris, T; Langham, E; Jazbec, M
2022-01-31Employment, Skills and Supply Chains: Renewable Energy in NSW – Final ReportWright, S; Briggs, C; Atherton, A; Langdon, S; Jazbec, M; Rutovitz, J; Cunningham, R; Nagrath, K; Wright, S
2023-02Increasing packaging grade recovery rates of plastic milk bottles in Australia: A material flow analysis approachMadden, B; Jazbec, M; Florin, N
2023-06-01Mapping Organic Waste in Sydney: Advancing Anaerobic Co-digestionJazbec, M; Turner, A; Madden, B; nghiem, DL
2020-12-24Organics RevolutionJazbec, M; Turner, A; Madden, B; Fam, D
2019-08-30Organix19 - Managing organics waste in a circular economyTurner, A; Fam, D; Jacobs, BC; Jazbec, M
2019-07-08Recycling and resource recovery infrastructure in Victoria: International and Australian comparisonJazbec, M; Madden, B; Florin, N
2023-01-23Shifting the Menu: Reducing the carbon footprint of fast-food consumption by switching to plant-based optionsJazbec, M; Salim, H; Khara, T; Cordell, D; White, S
2022-05-10Shifting water utilities towards a circular economyMukheibir, P; Jazbec, M; Francis, D
2020-10Sustainability and Heat Report for Western Sydney AerotropolisJazbec, M; McGee, C; James, G
2019-02Sustainable Sydney 2050: MegatrendsRiedy, C; Atherton, A; Jazbec, M
2019-04Sustainable Sydney 2050: ScenariosRiedy, C; Atherton, A; Jazbec, M
2022-03-01The Green Wave: Adding value through net zero energy strategyRoche, D; Langham, E; Mouritz, M; Breadsell, J; Sharp, D; Nagrath, K; White, S; McCartney, D; Prendergast, J; Parida, S; Bona, R; Kinstan, K; Jazbec, M
2020-09-30Transitioning the water industry with circular economyMukheibir, P; Jazbec, M; Turner, A
2023-10-12Unlocking the value of food waste: A case study of co-digestion in the Western Parkland CityJazbec, M; Liu, A; Rutovitz, J; Nghiem, D; Turner, A
2020-12-31Wastewater gas recovery opportunities in a circular economyJazbec, M; Turner, A