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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-013-D Object Retrieval And Recognition With Hypergraph AnalysisGao, Y; Wang, M; Tao, D; Ji, R; Dai, Q
2012-08-313-D object retrieval and recognition with hypergraph analysisGao, Y; Wang, M; Tao, D; Ji, R; Dai, Q
2012-013D Object Retrieval and Recognition With Hypergraph AnalysisGao, Y; Wang, M; Tao, D; Ji, R; Dai, Q
2019-06-01Correntropy-Induced Robust Low-Rank HypergraphJin, T; Ji, R; Gao, Y; Sun, X; Zhao, X; Tao, D
2014-01-01Discriminative Orthogonal Nonnegative matrix factorization with flexibility for data representationLi, P; Bu, J; Yang, Y; Ji, R; Chen, C; Cai, D
2020-10-01Every node counts: Self-ensembling graph convolutional networks for semi-supervised learningLuo, Y; Ji, R; Guan, T; Yu, J; Liu, P; Yang, Y
2014-01-01Large-scale geosocial multimediaJi, R; Yang, Y; Sebe, N; Aizawa, K; Cao, L
2011-11-02Nonnegative spectral clustering with discriminative regularizationYang, Y; Shen, HT; Nie, F; Ji, R; Zhou, X
2020-06Salience-Guided Cascaded Suppression Network for Person Re-IdentificationChen, X; Fu, C; Zhao, Y; Zheng, F; Song, J; Ji, R; Yang, Y
2013-12-01Semi-supervised learning with manifold fitted graphsZhang, T; Ji, R; Liu, W; Tao, D; Hua, G
2020Structured Modeling of Joint Deep Feature and Prediction Refinement for Salient Object DetectionXu, Y; Xu, D; Hong, X; Ouyang, W; Ji, R; Xu, M; Zhao, G
2013-01-01Visual reranking through weakly supervised multi-graph learningDeng, C; Ji, R; Liu, W; Tao, D; Gao, X
2012-10-01Weakly supervised sparse coding with geometric consistency poolingCao, L; Ji, R; Gao, Y; Yang, Y; Tian, Q