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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012An Algorithm for Colour-based Natural Scene Text SegmentationZeng, C; Jia, W; He, S; Iwamura, M; Shafait, F
Jan-2008Applying Graph Coloring in Resource Coordination for a High-density Wireless EnvironmentZheng, L; Hoang, DB; Wu, Q; He, X; Nguyen, Q; Jia, W; Huang, M
Jan-2007Applying Local Cooccurring Patterns for Object Detection from Aerial ImagesJia, W; Tien, D; He, S; Hope, BA; Wu, Q; NA
Jan-2008An Approach of Canny Edge Detection with Virtual Hexagonal Image StructureHe, S; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Wen, C; Pham, TC
Jan-2007An Approach to Edge Detection on a Virtual Hexagonal StructureHe, S; Jia, W; Li, J; Wu, Q; Hintz, TB; Bottema, MEA
Jan-2010Asymmetric, Non-unimodal Kernel Regression for Image ProcessingMudugamuwa, DJ; Jia, W; He, S; Zhang, J; Shen, C; Geers, G; Wu, Q
Jan-2004Automatic License Plate Recognition: A reviewJia, W; He, S; Piccardi, M; Arabnia Hamrid, R
Jan-2007Automatic Road Extraction from Aerial Images: A Contemporary SurveyTien, D; Jia, W; Tien, D; Shi, G; Wang, G
Jan-2006Automatically detecting road sign text from natural scene videoJia, W; He, S; Tien, D; Luk, K; Lau, D; Lau, R
Jan-2006Basic transformation on virtual hexagonal structureHe, S; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Hur, N; Hintz, TB; Wang, H; Kim, JC; Banssi, E; Sarfraz, M; Huang, M; Wu, Q
Jan-2012Battle-Lemarie Wavelet Pyramid for Improved GSM Image DenoisingMudugamuwa, DJ; He, S; Jia, W; Del Bimbo, A; Boyer, KM; Ikeuchi, K
Jan-2006Bi-lateral edge detection on a virtual hexagonal structureHe, S; Jia, W; Hur, N; Wu, Q; Kim, J; Hintz, TB; NA
Jan-2009Canny edge detection on a virtual hexagonal image structureHe, S; Li, J; Wei, D; Jia, W; Wu, Q; al, FCICE
Jan-2010Canny Edge Detection Using Bilateral Filter on Real Hexagonal StructureHe, S; Wei, D; Lam, KM; Li, J; Wang, L; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Scheunders, P; Blanc-Talon, J; Bone, D; Phillips, W; Popescu, D
Jan-2006Car plate detection using cascaded tree-style learner based on hybrid object featuresWu, Q; Zhang, H; Jia, W; He, S; Yang, J; Hintz, TB; Piccardi, M; Hintz, T; Pavlidis, I; Regazzoni, C; He, X
27-Jan-2014Characterness: An Indicator of Text in the WildLi, Y; Jia, W; Shen, C; van den Hengel, A
Jan-2007Combining Edge and Colour Information for Number Plate DetectionJia, W; He, S; Zhang, H; Wu, Q; Cree Michael, J
Jan-2007Combining Global and Local Features for Detection of License Plates in VideoHe, S; Zhang, H; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Hintz, TB; Cree Michael, J
Jan-2006A comparison on histogram based image matching methodsJia, W; Zhang, H; He, S; Wu, Q; Piccardi, M; Hintz, T; Pavlidis, I; Regazzoni, G; He, X
Jan-2008Cost-sensitive Semi-supervised Classification using CS-EMQin, Z; Zhang, S; Liu, L; Wang, T; Wu, Q; He, X; Nguyen, QV; Jia, W; Huang, M