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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-02ABEM: An adaptive agent-based evolutionary approach for influence maximization in dynamic social networksLi, W; Hu, Y; Jiang, C; Wu, S; Bai, Q; Lai, E
2021-03-25An ALYREF-MYCN coactivator complex drives neuroblastoma tumorigenesis through effects on USP3 and MYCN stabilityNagy, Z; Seneviratne, JA; Kanikevich, M; Chang, W; Mayoh, C; Venkat, P; Du, Y; Jiang, C; Salib, A; Koach, J; Carter, DR; Mittra, R; Liu, T; Parker, MW; Cheung, BB; Marshall, GM
2023-12-01Anti-Money Laundering by Group-Aware Deep Graph LearningCheng, D; Ye, Y; Xiang, S; Ma, Z; Zhang, Y; Jiang, C
2023-03Assessment of Thermal Damage in Polymethyl Methacrylate Using Quasi-static Components of Ultrasonic WavesLi, W; Jiang, C; Xiao, J; Xu, C; Deng, M
2022-05-20Attentive Feature Fusion for Credit Default PredictionLiu, X; Li, Y; Jiang, C; Wang, Z; Zhao, F; Wang, J
2022-05-01BC-EdgeFL: A Defensive Transmission Model Based on Blockchain-Assisted Reinforced Federated Learning in IIoT EnvironmentZhang, P; Hong, Y; Kumar, N; Alazab, M; Alshehri, MD; Jiang, C
2008Corporate governance in international joint venturesJiang, C
2019-03-14Correction to: Measured Phenology Response of Unchanged Crop Varieties to Long-Term Historical Climate Change (International Journal of Plant Production, (2019), 13, 1, (47-58), 10.1007/s42106-018-0033-z)Wu, D; Wang, P; Jiang, C; Yang, J; Huo, Z; Yu, Q
2023-04-01Damage detection in the T-welded joint using Rayleigh-like feature guided waveWu, J; Jiang, C; Fang, H; Ng, CT
2020-01-01Design of multiscale composites using robust topology optimization of level setsZheng, J; Luo, Z; Jiang, C
2022-01-01Identification of Encrypted Traffic Through Attention Mechanism Based Long Short Term MemoryYao, H; Liu, C; Zhang, P; Wu, S; Jiang, C; Yu, S
2019-01-01Increase in DNA damage by MYCN knockdown through regulating nucleosome organization and chromatin state in neuroblastomaHu, X; Zheng, W; Zhu, Q; Gu, L; Du, Y; Han, Z; Zhang, X; Carter, DR; Cheung, BB; Qiu, A; Jiang, C
2016-04-01Incremental modeling of a new high-order polynomial surrogate modelWu, J; Luo, Z; Zheng, J; Jiang, C
2016-03-01An incremental shifting vector approach for reliability-based design optimizationHuang, ZL; Jiang, C; Zhou, YS; Luo, Z; Zhang, Z
2016-01-01Interference-Aware Coordinated Power Allocation in Autonomous Wi-Fi EnvironmentZhang, Y; Jiang, C; Han, Z; Yu, S; Yuan, J
2019-02-03Level-set topology optimization for robust design of structures under hybrid uncertaintiesZheng, J; Luo, Z; Jiang, C; Wu, J
2016-01-01The long noncoding RNA MALAT1 promotes tumor-driven angiogenesis by up-regulating pro-angiogenic gene expressionTee, AE; Liu, B; Song, R; Li, J; Pasquier, E; Cheung, BB; Jiang, C; Marshall, GM; Haber, M; Norris, MD; Fletcher, JI; Dinger, ME; Liu, T
2017-01-01A Low Profile, Ultra-Lightweight, High Efficient Circularly-Polarized Antenna Array for Ku Band Satellite ApplicationsHuang, J; Lin, W; Qiu, F; Jiang, C; Lei, D; Guo, YJ
2019-03-14Measured Phenology Response of Unchanged Crop Varieties to Long-Term Historical Climate ChangeWu, D; Wang, P; Jiang, C; Yang, J; Huo, Z; Yu, Q
2022-01-01Mechanical, Acoustic and Thermal Performances of Australian HempcretesDelhomme, F; Castel, A; Almeida, A; Jiang, C; Moreau, D; Gan, Y; Wang, X; Wilkinson, S