Level-set topology optimization for robust design of structures under hybrid uncertainties

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Journal Article
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 2019, 117 (5), pp. 523 - 542
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© 2018 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. This paper will develop a new robust topology optimization (RTO) method based on level sets for structures subject to hybrid uncertainties, with a more efficient Karhunen-Loève hyperbolic Polynomial Chaos–Chebyshev Interval method to conduct the hybrid uncertain analysis. The loadings and material properties are considered hybrid uncertainties in structures. The parameters with sufficient information are regarded as random fields, while the parameters without sufficient information are treated as intervals. The Karhunen-Loève expansion is applied to discretize random fields into a finite number of random variables, and then, the original hybrid uncertainty analysis is transformed into a new process with random and interval parameters, to which the hyperbolic Polynomial Chaos–Chebyshev Interval is employed for the uncertainty analysis. RTO is formulated to minimize a weighted sum of the mean and standard variance of the structural objective function under the worst-case scenario. Several numerical examples are employed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed RTO, and Monte Carlo simulation is used to validate the numerical accuracy of our proposed method.
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