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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-01A binaural room impulse response dataset and Shorelining psychophysical task for the evaluation of auditory sensory augmentationSun, H; Nguyen, M; Zhu, H; Nguyen, V; Lin, C-T; Jin, C
2023-09-15Acoustic touch: An auditory sensing paradigmto support close reaching for people who are blindJin, C; Bell, J-A; Deverell, L; Gates, F; Gorodo, I; Shayikh, S; Lin, C-T; Melencio, M; Nguyen, V; Singh, A; Zhu, H
2023-10-23An Evaluation of the Presentation of Acoustic Cues for Shorelining TechniquesNguyen, M; Zhu, H; Sun, H; Nguyen, V; Deverell, L; Singh, A; Jin, C; Lin, C-T
2023An investigation into the effectiveness of using acoustic touch to assist people who are blind.Zhu, HY; Hossain, SN; Jin, C; Singh, AK; Nguyen, MTD; Deverell, L; Nguyen, V; Gates, FS; Fernandez, IG; Melencio, MV; Bell, J-AR; Lin, C-T; Khan, IA
2022-11-01Cross-regional electricity and hydrogen deployment research based on coordinated optimization: Towards carbon neutrality in ChinaJin, C; Xiao, J; Hou, J; Jiang, H; Zhang, J; Lv, X; Sun, W; Jiang, H; Du, E; Fang, Y; Zhou, Y; Shi, X
2021-06-01Determination of Instinct Components of Biomass on the Generation of Persistent Free Radicals (PFRs) as Critical Redox Sites in Pyrogenic Chars for Persulfate Activation.Wu, W; Zhu, S; Huang, X; Wei, W; Jin, C; Ni, B-J
2018-08-01Dual-polarized frequency-selective surface with two transmission zeros based on cascaded ground apertured annular ring resonatorsJin, C; Lv, Q; Mittra, R
2007-03-12T22:05:31ZEnergy Savings from Implementing Collaborative Beamforming for a Remote Low Power Wireless Sensor NetworkVan Schaik, A; Luskey, S; Jin, C
2022-12-01Globally convergent visual-feature range estimation with biased inertial measurementsYi, B; Jin, C; Manchester, IR
-Groupwise Constrained Reconstruction for Subspace ClusteringLi, R; Li, B; Zhang, K; Jin, C; Xue, X
2022-01-01Investigating the evolutionary trends and key enablers of hydrogen production technologies: A patent-life cycle and econometric analysisAmpah, JD; Jin, C; Rizwanul Fattah, IM; Appiah-Otoo, I; Afrane, S; Geng, Z; Yusuf, AA; Li, T; Mahlia, TMI; Liu, H
2007-03-12T22:05:40ZA Low Noise Amplifier Optimized for a GPS Receiver RF Front EndVan Schaik, A; Dong, XF; Jin, C
2012-09-17Pregnancy detection and monitoring in cattle via combined foetus electrocardiogram and phonocardiogram signal processingGargiulo, GD; Shephard, RW; Tapson, J; McEwan, AL; Bifulco, P; Cesarelli, M; Jin, C; Al-Ani, A; Wang, N; van Schaik, A
2022-04-29Progress and Recent Trends in the Application of Nanoparticles as Low Carbon Fuel Additives-A State of the Art Review.Ampah, JD; Yusuf, AA; Agyekum, EB; Afrane, S; Jin, C; Liu, H; Fattah, IMR; Show, PL; Shouran, M; Habil, M; Kamel, S
2023-08-01The peroxidase-like cleaning strategy for organic fouling of water treatment membranes based on MoS<inf>2</inf> functional layersLiu, Y; Huang, X; Zhang, X; Ngo, HH; Fu, X; Wen, H; Jin, C
2011-11-02Tracking user-preference varying speed in collaborative filteringLi, R; Li, B; Jin, C; Xue, X; Zhu, X