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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01Between real and ideal: Documenting media art (David Rokeby)Jones, C; Muller, E
1990-12Cloning and characterization of the aroA gene from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.Garbe, T; Jones, C; Charles, I; Dougan, G; Young, D
2011-01Criminal Justice in China - An Empirical InquiryMcConville, M; Choong, S; Choy Dick Wan, P; Chui Wing Hong, E; Dobinson, IR; Jones, C
2018-04-01Evaluating global land surface models in CMIP5: Analysis of ecosystem water- and light-use efficiencies and rainfall partitioningLi, L; Wang, Y; Arora, VK; Eamus, D; Shi, H; Li, J; Cheng, L; Cleverly, J; Hajima, T; Ji, D; Jones, C; Kawamiya, T; Li, W; Tjiputra, J; Wiltshire, A; Zhang, L; Yu, Q
2007-01Mobile User Needs: Quality of ServicesEl-Kiki, TH; Lawrence, EM; Jones, C; Juanes, N; Nahirnak, P; Britos, D; Diaz, C; Castello, R; Bollo, D
2020-02Pineoblastoma segregates into molecular sub-groups with distinct clinico-pathologic features: a Rare Brain Tumor Consortium registry study.Li, BK; Vasiljevic, A; Dufour, C; Yao, F; Ho, BLB; Lu, M; Hwang, EI; Gururangan, S; Hansford, JR; Fouladi, M; Nobusawa, S; Laquerriere, A; Delisle, M-B; Fangusaro, J; Forest, F; Toledano, H; Solano-Paez, P; Leary, S; Birks, D; Hoffman, LM; Szathmari, A; Faure-Conter, C; Fan, X; Catchpoole, D; Zhou, L; Schultz, KAP; Ichimura, K; Gauchotte, G; Jabado, N; Jones, C; Loussouarn, D; Mokhtari, K; Rousseau, A; Ziegler, DS; Tanaka, S; Pomeroy, SL; Gajjar, A; Ramaswamy, V; Hawkins, C; Grundy, RG; Hill, DA; Bouffet, E; Huang, A; Jouvet, A
2020-10The Use of Modified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Program for Family Caregivers of People Living with Dementia: A Feasibility Study.Cheung, DSK; Kor, PPK; Jones, C; Davies, N; Moyle, W; Chien, WT; Yip, ALK; Chambers, S; Yu, CTK; Lai, CKY