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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07-03A study of postcolonial representation of sexual violence against female international students in Australian newspapersJung, K
2008-04-23Autonomy and engagement: Women's movements in Australia and South KoreaMaddison, S; Jung, K
2019-05-01Becoming cosmopolitan women while negotiating structurally limited choices: The case of Korean migrant sex workers in AustraliaDalton, B; Jung, K
1999-01Body Politics in Korea Focussed on Virginity IdeologyJung, K; Park, DS; Suh, CS
2016-07-02Broken global explorations: The lived experience of Korean women working in the entertainment and sex industries in SydneyJung, K; Jang, H; Dalton, B
2010-01Destination Australia: Working conditions of Korean women working in the entertainment and sex industryDalton, BM; Jang, H; Jung, K; Johns, RE; Barrett, S
2006-01The Development of Women's Policy in South KoreaJung, K; Colebatch, HK
2022-02-22East AsiaJung, K; Edwards, L; Mclaren, S; Smith, B; Robinson, N
2009-01Factors influencing labour migration of Korean women into the entertainment and sex industry in AustraliaJang, H; Jung, K; Dalton, BM; Duk-Soo Park
2017-10-02Fashion and the Social Construction of Femininity in North KoreaDalton, B; Jung, K; Willis, J
2009-01Feeding the dictator or making a difference? The experiences of international aid and development agencies in North Korea 1995-2005Dalton, BM; Jung, K
2016-07-14Femininity in North KoreaDalton, B; Jung, K
2016-08-07Framing and dominant metaphors in the coverage of North Korea in the Australian mediaDalton, B; Jung, K; Willis, J; Bell, M
2021-08-16Framing Young South Korean working holidaymakers in AustraliaJung, K; Jung, YM
2018-05-01From patriarchal socialism to grassroots capitalism: The role of female entrepreneurs in the transition of North KoreaJung, K; Dalton, B; Willis, J
2016Hankukkwa Hojueui Bosujeongbuha Yeosung Undong Bigyo (A Comparison of the Women’s Movement under the Conservative Administration in South Korea and Australia)Jung, K
2009-01The Humanitarian's Dilemma: The experience of international NGOs in North KoreaDalton, BM; Jung, K; Duk-soo Park
2011-01Institutionalisation and Marginalisation of Women's IssuesJung, K; Jeongbo, HH
2017-04-01‘My Business is All About Love and Care’: Korean Female Immigrant Entrepreneurship in SydneyJang, H; Jung, K
2020-02-04Neoliberal Migration Regime, Escape from ‘Hell Joseon’ and the Pursuit of Cosmopolitan Aspiration: An Overview of Temporary Migration from South Korea to AustraliaJung, K; Jung, YM