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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A Meta-analysis to Assess the Effectiveness of a Procedural Scale to Measure Pain in a Child Aged 0-1 YearKassab, M; Ghedan, B; Hadoush, H; Alwardat, M
2017-04Association between timing of elective cesarean delivery and adverse outcomes among women with at least two previous cesareans.Hamadneh, J; Alchalabi, H; Hamadneh, S; Amarin, Z; Khader, YS; Kassab, M; Bani-Hani, M
2018-01-01Blood lead level and correlation with pregnancy-associated anaemiaHamadneh, J; Hamadneh, S; Massadeh, A; Kassab, M; bayyari, NA; Khader, Y; Sbuihat, W
2023Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Awareness among Women with a History of Preeclampsia in Jordan.Kassab, M; Sabrah, EF; Smadi, A; Rayan, A; Baqeas, MH; R AlOsta, M; Othman, EH; Hamadneh, S
2022Chapter 15 Nociception and sweet solutions: Applications to inflammatory painNuseir, KQ; Kassab, M; Altarifi, A
2019-06-01Developing Reliability and Validation of Midwives' Skills regarding Basic Newborn Resuscitation Questionnaire (MSNRQ)Kassab, M; Hamadneh, S
2021-08-11Developmental Care Practices at Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Developing CountriesKassab, M; Hamadneh, SM
2012-03-01A double-blind randomised controlled trial of 25% oral glucose for pain relief in 2-month old infants undergoing immunisationKassab, M; Sheehy, A; King, M; Fowler, C; Foureur, M
2019Effect of Depth of Total Intravenous General Anesthesia on Intraoperative Electrically Evoked Compound Action Potentials in Cochlear Implantation Surgery.Alhowary, AA; Aleshawi, A; Alali, O; Kassab, M; Bani Hani, D; El-Radaideh, K; Alzoubi, F
2023Effects of an educational program on self-efficacy towards type 1 diabetes mellitus disease among parents and adolescents in Jordan.Al-Shorman, NA-D; Atiyeh, H; Kassab, M; Al-Rjoub, SF
2020-01Efficacy of Sucrose in Reducing Pain during Immunization among 10- to 18-Month-Old Infants and Young Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial.Kassab, M; Almomani, B; Nuseir, K; Alhouary, AA
2021-01-01Exploring the Profiles of Software Testing Jobs in the United StatesKassab, M; Laplante, P; Defranco, J; Neto, VVG; Destefanis, G
2018-09-01Factors Associated With Infant Pain Severity Undergoing Immunization InjectionsKassab, M; Hamadneh, S; Nuseir, K; ALmomani, B; Hamadneh, J
2016-01-01Healthcare Providers' Knowledge and Current Practice of Pain Assessment and Management: How Much Progress Have We Made?Nuseir, K; Kassab, M; Almomani, B
2021-08-31Identification of Adolescents with Adiposities and Elevated Blood Pressure and Implementation of Preventive Measures Warrants the Use of Multiple Clinical Assessment Tools.Bawadi, H; Kassab, M; Zanabili, AH; Tayyem, R
2010Immunisation pain in infants : a Jordanian studyKassab, M
2017-10-01Infant Resuscitation Practices of Midwives in a Developing CountryKhriesat, W; Kassab, M; Hamadneh, S; Mohammad, K; Hamadneh, J; Khader, YS
2017-01-01Intravenous immunoglobulin to treat hyperbilirubinemia in neonates with isolated Glucose-6-Phosphate dehydrogenase deficiencyKhriesat, W; Amarin, Z; Kassab, M; Al-Qudah, M
2021-05Knowledge and attitudes regarding Covid-19 among syrian refugee women in Jordan.Hamadneh, S; Hamadneh, J; Amarin, Z; Kassab, M; Obeidat, R; Rawashdeh, H
2017-10-01Lifestyle related fertility disorders in North Jordan: Potential for improvementHamadneh, JM; Amarin, Z; Hamadneh, S; Obeidat, NA; Kassab, M; Hani, MB