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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12-01Assessing the Reconceptualization of Pain in Graduate-Entry Physiotherapy Students Using the Concept of Pain Inventory for Adults: The University of Technology Sydney Physiotherapy Student Surveys ProjectPate, JW; Ilhan, E; Rush, GQ; Kennedy, DS; Verhagen, A; Pacey, V; Stubbs, PW
2020-01-01Conceptualisation and development of the RIPE-N model (reflective interprofessional education-network model) to enhance interprofessional collaboration across multiple health professionsLucas, C; Power, T; Kennedy, DS; Forrest, G; Hemsley, B; Freeman-Sanderson, A; Courtney-Harris, M; Ferguson, C; Hayes, C
2016-12-01Effects of fatigue on corticospinal excitability of the human knee extensors.Kennedy, DS; McNeil, CJ; Gandevia, SC; Taylor, JL
2020-10Fatigue-related Feedback from Calf Muscles Impairs Knee Extensor Voluntary Activation.Finn, HT; Kennedy, DS; Green, S; Taylor, JL
2020-11-01Impaired central drive to plantarflexors and minimal ankle proprioceptive deficit in people with multiple sclerosisDjajadikarta, ZJ; Dongés, SC; Brooks, J; Kennedy, DS; Gandevia, SC; Taylor, JL
2021-09Incidence of early diaphragmatic dysfunction after lung transplantation: results of a prospective observational study.Crothers, E; Kennedy, DS; Emmanuel, S; Molan, N; Scott, S; Rogers, K; Glanville, AR; Ntoumenopoulos, G
2020-01-31Letter to the Editor, “A randomized study of botulinum toxin versus botulinum toxin plus physical therapy for treatment of cervical dystonia"Boyce, MJ; Kennedy, DS; McCambridge, AB
2018-04-01Motoneuron excitability of the quadriceps decreases during a fatiguing submaximal isometric contractionFinn, H; Rouffet, DM; Kennedy, DS; Green, S; Taylor, JL
2023Online information on chronic pain in 3 countries: an assessment of readability, credibility, and accuracy.Basnet, R; Mendez, DR; Lugo-González, I; O'Hagan, E; O'Keeffe, M; Sharma, S; Pate, JW; Kennedy, DS
2023-11-25Proprioception assessment in stroke rehabilitation: A survey of Australian physiotherapists and occupational therapistsFisher, G; de Oliveira, CQ; Rochette, A; Gandevia, S; Kennedy, DS
-Relaxation and related therapies for people with multiple sclerosis (MS): A systematic reviewKneebone, II; Van Zanden, BE; Dorstyn, DS; Roberts, RM; Lord, SR; Querstret, D; Theadom, A; Kennedy, DS; Raman, J; Nair, RD
-Voluntary activation of knee extensor muscles with transcranial magnetic stimulationNuzzo, JL; Kennedy, DS; Finn, HT; Taylor, JL