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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-19A rapid review of evidence to inform an ear, nose and throat service delivery model in remote Australia.Jacups, SP; Kinchin, I
2019-04-01Assessing research impact: Australian Research Council criteria and the case of Family Wellbeing researchTsey, K; Onnis, LA; Whiteside, M; McCalman, J; Williams, M; Heyeres, M; Lui, SM; Klieve, H; Cadet-James, Y; Baird, L; Brown, C; Watkin Lui, F; Grainger, D; Gabriel, Z; Millgate, N; Cheniart, B; Hunter, T; Liu, HB; Yinghong, Y; Yan, L; Lovett, R; Chong, A; Kinchin, I
2020Breathlessness, Anxiety, Depression, and Function-The BAD-F Study: A Cross-Sectional and Population Prevalence Study in Adults.Currow, DC; Chang, S; Reddel, HK; Kochovska, S; Ferreira, D; Kinchin, I; Johnson, M; Ekström, M
2022-06Care burden, loneliness, and social isolation in caregivers of people with physical and brain health conditions in English-speaking regions: Before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.Grycuk, E; Chen, Y; Almirall-Sanchez, A; Higgins, D; Galvin, M; Kane, J; Kinchin, I; Lawlor, B; Rogan, C; Russell, G; O'Sullivan, R; Leroi, I
2022-05-24Care partner needs of people with neurodegenerative disorders: What are the needs, and how well do the current assessment tools capture these needs? A systematic meta-review.Kinchin, I; Edwards, L; Adrion, E; Chen, Y; Ashour, A; Leroi, I; Brugulat-Serrat, A; Phillips, J; Masterson, F; Kochovska, S
2016-10-17The complexity of health service integration: A review of reviewsHeyeres, M; McCalman, J; Tsey, K; Kinchin, I
2019-09-01Correction: The cost of youth suicide in Australia (Int. J. Environ. Res. public health (2018) 15, 672)Kinchin, I; Doran, CM
2018-03-01The cost of inadequate sleep among on-call workers in Australia: A workplace perspectiveVincent, GE; Kinchin, I; Ferguson, SA; Jay, SM
2018-04-04The cost of youth suicide in AustraliaKinchin, I; Doran, CM
2022-11Cost-effectiveness of a community-based integrated care model compared with usual care for older adults with complex needs: a stepped-wedge cluster-randomised trialKinchin, I; Kelley, S; Meshcheriakova, E; Viney, R; Mann, J; Thompson, F; Strivens, E
2022-05-20Cost-effectiveness of clinical interventions for delirium: A systematic literature review of economic evaluations.Kinchin, I; Edwards, L; Hosie, A; Agar, M; Mitchell, E; Trepel, D
2018County development and sustainability in China: A systematic scoping of the literatureYinghong, Y; Yan, L; Lui, SM; Kinchin, I; Heyeres, M; Tsey, K
2017-10Delivering an empowerment intervention to a remote Indigenous child safety workforce: Its economic cost from an agency perspective.Kinchin, I; Doran, CM; McCalman, J; Jacups, S; Tsey, K; Lines, K; Smith, K; Searles, A
2017-03-21Does Indigenous health research have impact? A systematic review of reviewsKinchin, I; Mccalman, J; Bainbridge, R; Tsey, K; Lui, FW
2018-12-01Ear, nose, and throat surgical access for remote living Indigenous children: What is the least costly model?Jacups, SP; Kinchin, I; McConnon, KM
2020Economic and epidemiological impact of youth suicide in countries with the highest human development indexDoran, CM; Kinchin, I
2017-04-01The economic cost of suicide and non-fatal suicide behavior in the Australian workforce and the potential impact of a workplace suicide prevention strategyKinchin, I; Doran, CM
2016-06Economic evaluation of 'Return to Country': A remote Australian initiative to address indigenous homelessness.Kinchin, I; Jacups, S; Hunter, G; Rogerson, B
2020-04Economics of Mental Health: Providing a Platform for Efficient Mental Health PolicyDoran, CM; Kinchin, I
2016Effectiveness of the uptake and implementation of an Aboriginal Australian empowerment program in the context of public health training in Papua New GuineaKitau, R; Kinchin, I; Whiteside, M; Hane-Nou, G; Tsey, K