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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-05-06Addressing the stroke evidence-treatment gapFerguson, C; Hickman, LD; Lal, S; Newton, PJ; Kneebone, II; McGowan, S; Middleton, S
2013-01-01Anxiety, depression, and fall-related psychological concerns in community-dwelling older peopleHull, SL; Kneebone, II; Farquharson, L
2011-01-01Attributional intervention for depression in two people with multiple sclerosis (MS): Single case designWain, H; Kneebone, II; Cropley, M
2013-04-01Breaking bad news in stroke rehabilitation: A consultation with a community stroke teamPhillips, J; Kneebone, II; Taverner, B
2020-01Corrigendum to "A Longitudinal Examination of the Hopelessness Theory of Depression in People Who Have Multiple Sclerosis".Kneebone, II; Guerrier, S; Dunmore, E; Jones, E; Fife-Schaw, C
2018-05-01Falls self-efficacy and falls incidence in community-dwelling older people: The mediating role of copingLoft, CC; Jones, FW; Kneebone, II
2016-01-01A Framework to Support Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Emotional Disorder After StrokeKneebone, II
2014-01-01Neuropsychological (mood and cognition) consequences of strokeBroomfield, NM; Kneebone, II; Laidlaw, K
2018-11-01Predictors of mental health literacy in older peoplePiper, SE; Bailey, PE; Lam, LT; Kneebone, II
2017-12-02Prevalence of anxiety in people with aphasia after strokeMorris, R; Eccles, A; Ryan, B; Kneebone, II
2013-07-01The problems faced by informal carers to people with aphasia after stroke: A literature reviewMcGurk, R; Kneebone, II
2011-12-01Psychological Management of StrokeLincoln, NB; Kneebone, II; Macniven, JAB; Morris, RC
2019-12Receiving Bad News: A Thematic Analysis of Stroke Survivor Experiences.Maddern, R; Kneebone, II
2017-01-01Reliability and validity of the Attributional Style Questionnaire- Survey in people with multiple sclerosisKneebone, II; Dewar, SJ
2012-09-01Reliability and validity of the neurorehabilitation experience questionnaire for inpatientsKneebone, II; Hull, SL; McGurk, R; Cropley, M
2017-06-01A review of cognitive impairments in children with intellectual disabilities: Implications for cognitive behaviour therapyHronis, A; Roberts, L; Kneebone, II
2019-10-31Schema in older adults: does the schema mode model apply?Phillips, K; Brockman, R; Bailey, PE; Kneebone, II
2012-04-30Screening for depression and anxiety after stroke: Developing protocols for use in the communityKneebone, II; Neffgen, LM; Pettyfer, SL
2011-12-01Sometimes we get it wrong but we keep on trying: A cross-sectional study of coping with communication problems by informal carers of stroke survivors with aphasiaMcGurk, R; Kneebone, II; Pit ten Cate, IM
2018-01-01Systematic review and meta-analysis of age-related differences in instructed emotion regulation successBrady, B; Kneebone, II; Denson, N; Bailey, PE