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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017All Our Lesbians Are Dead!Krikowa, N
2022-03-14Archive-lensing of fan franchise histories: Chronicle, guide, catalystKrikowa, N; Comerford, C
2014-06-01Designing and Constructing Storyworlds for Multiplatform Participatory NarrativesKrikowa, N; Ravy, T
2022-04-28Embedding Indigenous cultural competencies within a digital media and communication context in Australian higher educationKrikowa, N; Heyward, M
2018-03-06Experiencing the Cityscapes and Rural Landscapes as ‘Citizens’ of The Hunger Games StoryworldKrikowa, N; Maurer, Y; Koren-Kuik, M
2023-06-28Interactive Documentary, Intervention and Social Activism: Commentary on LGBTIQA+ representation, identity and audiencesKrikowa, N; Aguas, E
2019-10-06Intervention as Activism: Advocating Queer Female Representation through Independent Film ProductionKrikowa, N
2019-01-04Multi-Platform Storytelling and the ‘Niche’ Market: Producing Low-Budget Transmedia ProjectsKrikowa, N; Polson, D; Cook, A; Velikovsky, JT; Brackin, A
2023-06-30Queer Representation Matters: TV, tropes and traumaKrikowa, N
2021-12-01Reflexive transformative approach to student-centred learning: Insights from the frontlines of Australian higher education teaching during COVID-19Krikowa, N; Delmo, K
2018STEM and Diversity on Primetime Television: The Representation of Gender and Race in The 100Krikowa, N
2019-12The Transmediated Lesbian Vampire: LGBTQ representation in contemporary adaptation of J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s CarmillaKrikowa, N; Coker, C
2019-01-01What Everyone Knows About StoriesJohnson, JE; Bacon, S; Dicieanu, M; Edrei, S; Forcier, E; Ganzon, SC; Krikowa, N; Ravy, T; Riches, G; Van Steenhuyse, V
2022-12-16Where Is Australia’s GLAAD? A Case for Establishing an Australian LGBTIQA+ Media Institute to Improve Diversity in Screen Media RepresentationKrikowa, N
2021-09-01Writing inclusive and diverse children's television: Transgender representation in ABC Australia's First DayKrikowa, N