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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-04-013D printing for remote housing: Benefits and challengesBazli, M; Ashrafi, H; Rajabipour, A; Kutay, C
2022Aboriginal Design ProcessKutay, C; Brown, P; Cheng, E; Lindeck, J
2020-09-01Adapting a virtual advisor’s verbal conversation based on predicted user preferences: A study of neutral, empathic and tailored dialogueRanjbartabar, H; Richards, D; Bilgin, AA; Kutay, C; Mascarenhas, S
2018-01-01Building digital entrepreneurial platform through local community activity and digital skills in aboriginal AustraliaPradhan, S; Beetson, S; Kutay, C
2021-12-01Caretaking Aboriginal Australian Knowledges OnlineKutay, C
2022-11-29Co-development is the next step: Participatory Design from First Nations ValuesKutay, C; Zaman, T; Bidwell, NJ; Le Ferrand, É; Belur, SB; Wadley, G; Liebenberg, L; Reitsma, L
2013-01-01Collecting aboriginal stories for education through immersionKutay, C
2018-12Cross-Cultural Construction Engineering with Aboriginal CommunitiesKutay, C; Gunay, B; Tobin, C
2007-12-01Differing ways that computing academics understand teachingLister, R; Berglund, A; Box, I; Cope, C; Pears, A; Avram, C; Bower, M; Carbone, A; Davey, B; de Raadt, M; Doyle, B; Fitzgerald, S; Mannila, L; Kutay, C; Peltomäki, M; Sheard, J; Simon; Sutton, K; Traynor, D; Tutty, J; Venables, A
2017-06-08Doctoral symposium: Visualising complex event hierarchies using relevant domain ontologiesPerry, R; Bandara, M; Kutay, C; Rabhi, F
2013-01-01Embedding Aboriginal cultural knowledge in curriculum at university level through Aboriginal community engagementRiley, L; Howard-Wagner, D; Mooney, J; Kutay, C
2021-05-26Enabling Enduring Evidence-Based Policy for the Southern Ocean Through Cultural Arts PracticesRoberts, L; Kutay, C; Melbourne-Thomas, J; Petrou, K; Benson, TM; Fiore, D; Fletcher, P; Johnson, E; Silk, M; Taberner, S; Filgueira, VV; Constable, AJ
2021-01-01Engineering in ActionKutay, C
2012-01-01Experiencing indigenous knowledge online as a community narrativeKutay, C; Mooney, J; Riley, L; Howard-Wagner, D
2021First Impressions Count! The Role of the Human’s Emotional State on Rapport Established with an Empathic versus Neutral Virtual TherapistRichards, D; Ranjbartabar, H; Bilgin, A; Kutay, C
2022-10-03FIRST NATIONS PROJECT CONTEXTS IN FIRST-YEAR ENGINEERING: EXTENDING THE EWB CHALLENGE IN TWO UNIVERSITIESKutay, C; Goddard, G; Cheng, E; Bertei, S; Daniel, S; Lindeck, J; Boye, T; Kutay, C; Leigh, E; Kaya Prpic, J
2021-01-01First Peoples Engineering - Creating cultural spacesKutay, C; Leigh, E; Herkess, S
2018-12How we tell our engineering storiesKutay, C; Leigh, E
2013-05-27Intercultural-role plays for e-learning using emotive agentsKutay, C; Mascarenhas, S; Paiva, A; Prada, R
2021-01-01Knowledge Elicitation with Aboriginal Australian communitiesKutay, C