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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07-01Are China's Exports Crowding Out or Being Crowded Out? Evidence from Japan's ImportsLiu, Y; Shi, X; Laurenceson, J
2021-10-26Australia-China relations through the frame of tradeLaurenceson, J
2023-09Australia-China trade: Opportunity, risk, mitigation, ballast - progress?Laurenceson, J; Zhou, W; Reilly, J; Yuan, J
2015-01-01The Australian Public's Preferences Over Foreign Investment in AgricultureLaurenceson, J; Burke, PF; Wei, E
2023Australia’s Narrative on Beijing’s Economic Coercion: Context and CritiqueLaurenceson, J
2020-04-16Campus Conundrums: Clashes and CollaborationsLaurenceson, J
2019China's Debt Challenge: Stylized Facts, Drivers And Policy ImplicationsMA, G; Laurenceson, J
2017-10-16China's debt challenges: stylised facts, drivers and policy implicationsLaurenceson, J; Ma, G
2019-01-02Chinese investment in Australian infrastructure assets: accounting for local public preferencesLaurenceson, J; Bretherton, H; Burke, PF; Wei, E
2022-12-01Demystifying Australia-China Trade TensionsZhou, W; Laurenceson, J
2020-06-01Dynamics of Australia's LNG export performance: A modified constant market shares analysisLiu, Y; Shi, X; Laurenceson, J
2017-09-03Economics and freedom of navigation in East AsiaLaurenceson, J
2022-01-01For better or worse, in sickness and in health: Australia-China political relations and tradeGolley, J; Agarwal, V; Laurenceson, J; Qiu, T
2013-02-01Interpreting fluctuations in output growth in ChinaLaurenceson, J
2023-01-01Learning the right policy lessons from Beijing’s campaign of trade disruption against AustraliaLaurenceson, J; Armstrong, S
2014-01-01New estimates and a decomposition of provincial productivity change in ChinaLaurenceson, J; O'Donnell, C
2021-12-10ssessing the risks from Australia’s economic exposure to ChinaLaurenceson, J
2021-04-21The Chinese economy: crisis, control, recovery, refocusLaurenceson, J
2022-11-22The transition to carbon neutrality in China and its impacts on AustraliaPeng, X; Shi, X; Feng, S; Laurenceson, J
2019Will the Chinese economy be more volatile in the future? Insights from urban household survey dataYu, J; Shi, X; Laurenceson, J