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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09A Comparison of Recruitment Methods for an mHealth Intervention Targeting Mothers: Lessons from the Growing Healthy ProgramLaws, RA; Litterbach, E-KV; Denney-Wilson, EA; Russell, CG; Taki, S; Ong, K-L; Elliott, RM; Lymer, SJ; Campbell, KJ
2016-01-01A comparison of recruitment methods for an mHealth intervention targeting mothers: Lessons from the growing healthy programLaws, RA; Litterbach, EKV; Denney-Wilson, EA; Russell, CG; Taki, S; Ong, KL; Elliott, RM; Lymer, SJ; Campbell, KJ
2017-12-01Factors Influencing Engagement and Behavioral Determinants of Infant Feeding in an mHealth Program: Qualitative Evaluation of the Growing Healthy ProgramLitterbach, E-K; Russell, CG; Taki, S; Denney-Wilson, E; Campbell, KJ; Laws, RA
2018-04-01Impact of the growing healthy mhealth program on maternal feeding practices, infant food preferences, and satiety responsiveness: Quasi-experimental studyRussell, CG; Denney-Wilson, E; Laws, RA; Abbott, G; Zheng, M; Lymer, SJ; Taki, S; Litterbach, EKV; Ong, KL; Campbell, KJ
2018-04-19Key Lessons and Impact of the Growing Healthy mHealth Program on Milk Feeding, Timing of Introduction of Solids, and Infant Growth: Quasi-Experimental Study.Laws, RA; Denney-Wilson, EA; Taki, S; Russell, CG; Zheng, M; Litterbach, E-K; Ong, K-L; Lymer, SJ; Elliott, R; Campbell, KJ
2023-04Perinatal support for breastfeeding using mHealth: A mixed methods feasibility study of the My Baby Now app.Laws, RA; Cheng, H; Rossiter, C; Kuswara, K; Markides, BR; Size, D; Corcoran, P; Ong, K-L; Denney-Wilson, E