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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-16Communicating with patients and the public about COVID‐19 vaccine safety: recommendations from the Collaboration on Social Science and ImmunisationLeask, J; Carlson, SJ; Attwell, K; Clark, KK; Kaufman, J; Hughes, C; Frawley, J; Cashman, P; Seal, H; Wiley, K; Bolsewicz, K; Steffens, M; Danchin, MH
2021-01-07COVID-19 Misinformation Trends in Australia: Prospective Longitudinal National Survey.Pickles, K; Cvejic, E; Nickel, B; Copp, T; Bonner, C; Leask, J; Ayre, J; Batcup, C; Cornell, S; Dakin, T; Dodd, RH; Isautier, JMJ; McCaffery, KJ
2021-10Differences in school factors associated with adolescent HPV vaccination initiation and completion coverage in three Australian states.Sisnowski, J; Vujovich-Dunn, C; Gidding, H; Brotherton, J; Wand, H; Lorch, R; Veitch, M; Sheppeard, V; Effler, P; Skinner, SR; Venn, A; Davies, C; Hocking, J; Whop, L; Leask, J; Canfell, K; Sanci, L; Smith, M; Kang, M; Temple-Smith, M; Kidd, M; Burns, S; Selvey, L; Meijer, D; Ennis, S; Thomson, C; Lane, N; Kaldor, J; Guy, R study protocol: A cluster randomised controlled evaluation of education, decisional support and logistical strategies in school-based human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination of adolescentsSkinner, SR; Davies, C; Cooper, S; Stoney, T; Marshall, H; Jones, J; Collins, J; Hutton, H; Parrella, A; Zimet, G; Regan, DG; Whyte, P; Brotherton, JML; Richmond, P; McCaffrey, K; Garland, SM; Leask, J; Kang, M; Braunack-Mayer, A; Kaldor, J; McGeechan, K
-Policy considerations for mandatory COVID‐19 vaccination from the Collaboration on Social Science in ImmunisationLeask, J; Seale, H; Williams, JH; Kaufman, J; Wiley, K; Mahimbo, A; Clark, KK; Danchin, MH; Attwell, K
2021-06-11School-based HPV vaccination positively impacts parents’ attitudes toward adolescent vaccinationDavies, C; Stoney, T; Hutton, H; Parrella, A; Kang, M; Macartney, K; Leask, J; McCaffrey, K; Zimet, G; Brotherton, JML; Marshall, HS; Skinner, SR; Group, FTHPVES
2022-01-01The administration of intravenous fluids to nulliparous women in labour: A retrospective clinical chart review and fluid balance documentation auditBruce, BR; Hartz, DL; Tracy, SK; Leask, J; de Vries, BS
2019-05-01Understanding non-vaccinating parents' views to inform and improve clinical encounters: A qualitative study in an Australian communityHelps, C; Leask, J; Barclay, L; Carter, S