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2021-031-Phenylcyclohexan-1-amine hydrochloride (PCA HCl) alters mesolimbic dopamine system accompanied by neuroplastic changes: A neuropsychopharmacological evaluation in rodents.Abiero, A; Perez Custodio, RJ; Botanas, CJ; Ortiz, DM; Sayson, LV; Kim, M; Lee, HJ; Yoon, S; Lee, YS; Cheong, JH; Kim, HJ
2015-12ELF5 Drives Lung Metastasis in Luminal Breast Cancer through Recruitment of Gr1+ CD11b+ Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells.Gallego-Ortega, D; Ledger, A; Roden, DL; Law, AMK; Magenau, A; Kikhtyak, Z; Cho, C; Allerdice, SL; Lee, HJ; Valdes-Mora, F; Herrmann, D; Salomon, R; Young, AIJ; Lee, BY; Sergio, CM; Kaplan, W; Piggin, C; Conway, JRW; Rabinovich, B; Millar, EKA; Oakes, SR; Chtanova, T; Swarbrick, A; Naylor, MJ; O'Toole, S; Green, AR; Timpson, P; Gee, JMW; Ellis, IO; Clark, SJ; Ormandy, CJ
2016-01-07ELF5 isoform expression is tissue-specific and significantly altered in cancer.Piggin, CL; Roden, DL; Gallego-Ortega, D; Lee, HJ; Oakes, SR; Ormandy, CJ
2013-11ELF5, normal mammary development and the heterogeneous phenotypes of breast cancerGallego-Ortega, D; Oakes, SR; Lee, HJ; Piggin, CL; Ormandy, CJ
2011-10Lineage specific methylation of the Elf5 promoter in mammary epithelial cells.Lee, HJ; Hinshelwood, RA; Bouras, T; Gallego-Ortega, D; Valdés-Mora, F; Blazek, K; Visvader, JE; Clark, SJ; Ormandy, CJ
2019-12-09A Menin-MLL Inhibitor Induces Specific Chromatin Changes and Eradicates Disease in Models of MLL-Rearranged LeukemiaKrivtsov, AV; Evans, K; Gadrey, JY; Eschle, BK; Hatton, C; Uckelmann, HJ; Ross, KN; Perner, F; Olsen, SN; Pritchard, T; McDermott, L; Jones, CD; Jing, D; Braytee, A; Chacon, D; Earley, E; McKeever, BM; Claremon, D; Gifford, AJ; Lee, HJ; Teicher, BA; Pimanda, JE; Beck, D; Perry, JA; Smith, MA; McGeehan, GM; Lock, RB; Armstrong, SA
2013-04Progesterone drives mammary secretory differentiation via RankL-mediated induction of Elf5 in luminal progenitor cells.Lee, HJ; Gallego-Ortega, D; Ledger, A; Schramek, D; Joshi, P; Szwarc, MM; Cho, C; Lydon, JP; Khokha, R; Penninger, JM; Ormandy, CJ
2021-01-01The dopaminergic alterations induced by 4-F-PCP and 4-Keto-PCP may enhance their drug-induced rewarding and reinforcing effects: Implications for abuse.Ortiz, DM; Custodio, RJP; Abiero, A; Botanas, CJ; Sayson, LV; Kim, M; Lee, HJ; Kim, HJ; Jeong, Y; Yoon, S; Lee, YS; Cheong, JH