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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-10-27AIM for change: Supporting first year learning of best practice in scientific writing with a flipped, embedded academic integrity moduleDavila, YC; Griffiths, N; Leigh, A
2021-01-07AusTraits – a curated plant trait database for the Australian floraFalster, D; Gallagher, R; Wenk, E; Wright, I; Indiarto, D; Baxter, C; Andrew, SC; Lawson, J; Allen, S; Fuchs, A; Adams, MA; Ahrens, CW; Alfonzetti, M; Angevin, T; Atkin, OK; Auld, T; Baker, A; Bean, A; Blackman, CJ; Bloomfield, K; Bowman, D; Bragg, J; Brodribb, TJ; Buckton, G; Burrows, G; Caldwell, E; Camac, J; Carpenter, R; Catford, JA; Cawthray, GR; Cernusak, LA; Chandler, G; Chapman, AR; Cheal, D; Cheesman, AW; Chen, S-C; Choat, B; Clinton, B; Clode, P; Coleman, H; Cornwell, WK; Cosgrove, M; Crisp, M; Cross, E; Crous, KY; Cunningham, S; Curtis, E; Daws, MI; DeGabriel, JL; Denton, MD; Dong, N; Duan, H; Duncan, DH; Duncan, RP; Duretto, M; Dwyer, JM; Edwards, C; Esperon-Rodriguez, M; Evans, JR; Everingham, SE; Firn, J; Fonseca, CR; French, BJ; Frood, D; Funk, JL; Geange, SR; Ghannoum, O; Gleason, SM; Gosper, CR; Gray, E; Groom, PK; Gross, C; Guerin, G; Guja, L; Hahs, AK; Harrison, MT; Hayes, PE; Henery, M; Hochuli, D; Howell, J; Huang, G; Hughes, L; Huisman, J; Ilic, J; Jagdish, A; Jin, D; Jordan, G; Jurado, E; Kasel, S; Kellermann, J; Kohout, M; Kooyman, RM; Kotowska, MM; Lai, HR; Laliberté, E; Lambers, H; Lamont, BB; Lanfear, R; van Langevelde, F; Laughlin, DC; Laugier-Kitchener, B-A; Lehmann, CER; Leigh, A; Leishman, MR; Lenz, T; Lepschi, B; Lewis, JD; Lim, F; Liu, U; Lord, J; Lusk, CH; Macinnis-Ng, C; McPherson, H; Manea, A; Mayfield, M; McCarthy, JK; Meers, T; van der Merwe, M; Metcalfe, D; Milberg, P; Mokany, K; Moles, AT; Moore, BD; Moore, N; Morgan, JW; Morris, W; Muir, A; Munroe, S; Nicholson, Á; Nicolle, D; Nicotra, AB; Niinemets, Ü; North, T; O’Reilly-Nugent, A; O’Sullivan, OS; Oberle, B; Onoda, Y; Ooi, MKJ; Osborne, CP; Paczkowska, G; Pekin, B; Pereira, CG; Pickering, C; Pickup, M; Pollock, LJ; Poot, P; Powell, JR; Power, SA; Prentice, IC; Prior, L; Prober, SM; Read, J; Reynolds, V; Richards, AE; Richardson, B; Roderick, ML; Rosell, JA; Rossetto, M; Rye, B; Rymer, PD; Sams, MA; Sanson, G; Schmidt, S; Schulze, E-D; Sendall, K; Sinclair, S; Smith, B; Smith, R; Soper, F; Sparrow, B; Standish, R; Staples, TL; Taseski, G; Thomas, F; Tissue, DT; Tjoelker, MG; Tng, DYP; Tomlinson, K; Turner, NC; Veneklaas, E; Venn, S; Vesk, P; Vlasveld, C; Vorontsova, MS; Warren, C; Weerasinghe, LK; Westoby, M; White, M; Williams, N; Wills, J; Wilson, PG; Yates, C; Zanne, AE; Ziemińska, K
2016-07-04A blended learning approach to supporting student learning of scientific writing skills with an embedded Academic Integrity ModuleDavila, YC; Griffiths, N; Leigh, A
2019-01-01Calibrating assessment literacy through benchmarking tasksKnight, S; Leigh, A; Davila, YC; Martin, LJ; Krix, DW
2014-01-01A comparative analysis of photosynthetic recovery from thermal stress: A desert plant case studyCurtis, EM; Knight, CA; Petrou, K; Leigh, A
2012-04-01Do thick leaves avoid thermal damage in critically low wind speeds?Leigh, A; Sevanto, S; Ball, MC; Close, JD; Ellsworth, DS; Knight, CA; Nicotra, AB; Vogel, S
2013-07-01Dynamics of component carbon fluxes in a semi-arid Acacia woodland, central AustraliaCleverly, J; Boulain, N; Villalobos-Vega, R; Grant, N; Faux, R; Wood, C; Cook, PG; Yu, Q; Leigh, A; Eamus, D
2016-06-01Ecological effects of increasing time since invasion by the exotic African olive (Olea europaea ssp. cuspidata) on leaf-litter invertebrate assemblagesNguyen, KQ; Cuneo, P; Cunningham, SA; Krix, DW; Leigh, A; Murray, BR
2009-10-31Effects of oyster death and shell disarticulation on associated communities of epibiotaSummerhayes, SA; Bishop, MJ; Leigh, A; Kelaher, BP
2014-01-01Erratum to: A comparative analysis of photosynthetic recovery from thermal stress: a desert plant case study [Oecologia, 175, (1051-1061), 10.1007/s00442-014-2988-5]Curtis, EM; Knight, CA; Petrou, K; Leigh, A
2011-07-20The evolution and functional significance of leaf shape in the angiospermsNicotra, AB; Leigh, A; Boyce, CK; Jones, CS; Niklas, KJ; Royer, DL; Tsukaya, H
2007-08-01Giant cuticular pores in Eidothea zoexylocarya (Proteaceae) leavesCarpenter, RJ; Jordan, GJ; Leigh, A; Brodribb, TJ
2020Hiding in plain sight: experimental evidence for birds as selective agents for host mimicry in mistletoesCook, ME; Leigh, A; Watson, DM
2006-05-01Hydraulic design of pine needles: One-dimensional optimization for single-vein leavesZwieniecki, MA; Stone, HA; Leigh, A; Boyce, CK; Holbrook, NM
2017-02-01The influence of leaf size and shape on leaf thermal dynamics: does theory hold up under natural conditions?Leigh, A; Sevanto, S; Close, JD; Nicotra, AB
2019-01-01Intracanopy adjustment of leaf-level thermal tolerance is associated with microclimatic variation across the canopy of a desert tree (Acacia papyrocarpa)Curtis, EM; Knight, CA; Leigh, A
2006-05-16Leaf cooling curves: Measuring leaf temperature in sunlightLeigh, A; Close, JD; Ball, MC; Siebke, K; Nicotra, AB
2014-01-01Leaf shape influences spatial variation in photosynthetic function in Lomatia tinctoriaLeigh, A; Hill, R; Ball, MC
2016-06-01Native microhabitats better predict tolerance to warming than latitudinal macro-climatic variables in arid-zone plantsCurtis, EM; Gollan, J; Murray, BR; Leigh, A
2017-01-01Novel application of species richness estimators to predict the host range of parasitesWatson, DM; Milner, KV; Leigh, A