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2021-02-16Availability of adequately iodized salt at the household level in Ethiopia: A systematic review and meta-analysisAlamneh, AA; Leshargie, CT; Desta, M; Birhanu, MY; Assemie, MA; Denekew, HT; Alamneh, YM; Ketema, DB
2023Birth asphyxia related mortality in Northwest Ethiopia: A multi-centre cohort study.Ketema, DB; Aragaw, FM; Wagnew, F; Mekonnen, M; Mengist, A; Alamneh, AA; Belay, YA; Kibret, GD; Leshargie, CT; Birhanu, MY; Hibstie, YT; Temesgen, B; Alebel, A; Solevåg, AL
2021-02-18COVID-19 in Ethiopia: a geospatial analysis of vulnerability to infection, case severity and deathAlene, KA; Gelaw, YA; Fetene, DM; Koye, DN; Melaku, YA; Gesesew, H; Birhanu, MM; Adane, AA; Muluneh, MD; Dachew, BA; Abrha, S; Aregay, A; Ayele, AA; Bezabhe, WM; Gebremariam, KT; Gebremedhin, T; Gebremedhin, AT; Gebremichael, L; Geleto, AB; Kassahun, HT; Kibret, GD; Leshargie, CT; Mekonnen, A; Mirkuzie, AH; Mohammed, H; Tegegn, HG; Tesema, AG; Tesfay, FH; Wubishet, BL; Kinfu, Y
2020-03-06Effects of maternal education on birth preparedness and complication readiness among Ethiopian pregnant women: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Ketema, DB; Leshargie, CT; Kibret, GD; Assemie, MA; Petrucka, P; Alebel, A
2020-01Incidence and predictors of loss to follow-up among HIV-positive adults in northwest Ethiopia: a retrospective cohort study.Birhanu, MY; Leshargie, CT; Alebel, A; Wagnew, F; Siferih, M; Gebre, T; Kibret, GD
2022-11-09Incidence and predictors of mortality among adolescents on antiretroviral therapy in Amhara Region, Ethiopia: a retrospective cohort analysis.Leshargie, CT; Demant, D; Burrowes, S; Frawley, J
2020-01Incidence and Predictors of Pre-Eclampsia Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care at Debre Markos Referral Hospital, North West Ethiopia: Prospective Cohort Study.Birhanu, MY; Temesgen, H; Demeke, G; Assemie, MA; Alamneh, AA; Desta, M; Toru, M; Ketema, DB; Leshargie, CT
2020-11-30Incidence and predictors of surgical site infection following cesarean section in North-west Ethiopia: a prospective cohort study.Ketema, DB; Wagnew, F; Assemie, MA; Ferede, A; Alamneh, AA; Leshargie, CT; Kibret, GD; Petrucka, P; Telayneh, AT; Alebel, A
2020-03-12Level of self-care practice among diabetic patients in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Ketema, DB; Leshargie, CT; Kibret, GD; Assemie, MA; Alamneh, AA; Kassa, GM; Alebel, A
2022Prevalence of active trachoma and its associated factors among 1-9 years of age children from model and non-model kebeles in Dangila district, northwest Ethiopia.Genet, A; Dagnew, Z; Melkie, G; Keleb, A; Motbainor, A; Mebrat, A; Leshargie, CT
2020-01Quantifying risks and interventions that have affected the burden of lower respiratory infections among children younger than 5 years: an analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017.GBD 2017 Lower Respiratory Infections Collaborators,; Leshargie, CT
2021-02-18Risk factors for COVID-19 infection, disease severity and related deaths in Africa: a systematic reviewGesesew, HA; Koye, DN; Fetene, DM; Woldegiorgis, M; Kinfu, Y; Geleto, AB; Melaku, YA; Mohammed, H; Alene, KA; Awoke, MA; Birhanu, MM; Gebremedhin, AT; Gelaw, YA; Shifti, DM; Muluneh, MD; Tegegne, TK; Abrha, S; Aregay, AF; Ayalew, MB; Gebre, AK; Gebremariam, KT; Gebremedhin, T; Gebremichael, L; Leshargie, CT; Kibret, GD; Meazaw, MW; Mekonnen, AB; Tekle, DY; Tesema, AG; Tesfay, FH; Tesfaye, W; Wubishet, BL; Dachew, BA; Adane, AA
2021-12The COVID-19 pandemic and healthcare systems in Africa: a scoping review of preparedness, impact and response.Tessema, GA; Kinfu, Y; Dachew, BA; Tesema, AG; Assefa, Y; Alene, KA; Aregay, AF; Ayalew, MB; Bezabhe, WM; Bali, AG; Dadi, AF; Duko, B; Erku, D; Gebrekidan, K; Gebremariam, KT; Gebremichael, LG; Gebreyohannes, EA; Gelaw, YA; Gesesew, HA; Kibret, GD; Leshargie, CT; Meazew, MW; Mekonnen, A; Mirkuzie, AH; Mohammed, H; Tekle, DY; Tesfay, FH
2022The proportion of loss to follow-up from antiretroviral therapy (ART) and its association with age among adolescents living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Leshargie, CT; Demant, D; Burrowes, S; Frawley, J
2020-09Time to sputum culture conversion and its associated factors among multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients in Eastern Africa: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Assemie, MA; Alene, M; Petrucka, P; Leshargie, CT; Ketema, DB