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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018The 2015-2017 Cape Town drought: Attribution and prediction using machine learningRichman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2012Adaptive machine learning approaches to seasonal prediction of tropical cyclonesRichman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Jun-2015Analysis of low-level atmospheric moisture transport associated with the West African monsoonLélé, MI; Leslie, LM; Lamb, PJ
16-Mar-2013Antarctic ice sheet mass loss estimates using Modified Antarctic Mapping Mission surface flow observationsRen, D; Leslie, LM; Lynch, MJ
1-Aug-2012An assessment of areal coverage of severe weather parameters for severe weather outbreak diagnosisShafer, CM; Mercer, AE; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM; Doswell, CA
1-Jan-2014Attribution and prediction of maximum temperature extremes in SE AustraliaRichman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Apr-2011Australian east coast rainfall decline related to large scale climate driversSpeer, MS; Leslie, LM; Fierro, AO
1-Jan-2015Changes in tropical cyclone activity over Northwest Western Australia in the past 50 years and a view of the future 50 yearsRen, D; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2013Classification of changes in extreme heat over Southeastern AustraliaRichman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2016Classifying Drought in Ethiopia Using Machine LearningRichman, MB; Leslie, LM; Segele, ZT
1-Jul-2017Climatology of Philippine tropical cyclone activity: 1945–2011Corporal-Lodangco, IL; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2014Cluster analysis of North Atlantic tropical cyclonesCorporal-Lodangco, IL; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM; Lamb, PJ
17-Mar-2015Data selection using support vector regressionRichman, MB; Leslie, LM; Trafalis, TB; Mansouri, H
4-Mar-2017A data-driven kernel method assimilation technique for geophysical modellingGilbert, RC; Trafalis, TB; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2017Defining Philippine Climate Zones Using Surface and High-Resolution Satellite DataCorporal-Lodangco, IL; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2014Effects of waves on tabular ice-shelf calvingRen, D; Leslie, LM
1-Jul-2011The Greenland Ice Sheet response to transient climate changeRen, D; Fu, R; Leslie, LM; Chen, J; Wilson, CR; Karoly, DJ
1-Jan-2013High-resolution modeling of typhoon morakot (2009): Vortex rossby waves and their role in extreme precipitation over TaiwanHall, JD; Xue, M; Ran, L; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2011Identification of severe weather outbreaks using kernel principal component analysisMercer, AE; Richman, MB; Leslie, LM
1-Jan-2017The impact of El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) on winter and early spring U.S. tornado outbreaksCook, AR; Leslie, LM; Parsons, DB; Schaefer, JT