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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09Action research: A mechanism for active engagement of clinical nurses in a program of research.Alomari, A; Wilson, V; Lewis, J
2011-08-01Alcohol and substance use by patients with psychosis presenting to an emergency department: changing patternsLatt, N; Jurd, S; Tennant, C; Lewis, J; Macken, L; Joseph, A; Grochulski, A; Long, L
2016-12-01Anxiety in chronic heart failure and the risk of increased hospitalisations and mortality: A systematic reviewVongmany, J; Hickman, LD; Lewis, J; Newton, PJ; Phillips, JL
2023-10-27Assessing implementation fidelity of an on-site pharmacist intervention within Australian residential aged care facilities: A mixed methods study.Batten, M; Koerner, J; Kosari, S; Naunton, M; Lewis, J; Strickland, K
2008-01Belonging and exclusion: a study of older residents in a manufactured home village in SydneyMorris, A; Majoribanks, T; Barraket, J; Chang, JS; Dawson, A; Guillemin, M; Henry-Waring, M; Kenyon, A; Kokanovic, R; Lewis, J; Lusher, D; Nolan, D; Pyett, P; Robins, R; Warr, D; Wyn, J; Eds
2020-08-24Bowen Family Systems Theory: Mapping a framework to support critical care nurses' well-being and care quality.Jakimowicz, S; Perry, L; Lewis, J
2022-09-16Bureaucracy and burden: An Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis of social welfare policy with consequences for carers of people with life-limiting illnessBindley, K; Lewis, J; Travaglia, J; DiGiacomo, M
2015-04-18The business of death: A qualitative study of financial concerns of widowed older womenDiGiacomo, M; Lewis, J; Phillips, J; Nolan, M; Davidson, PM
2006-01Capital Region Climate Change Forum: Citizens' ReportRiedy, C; Atherton, AM; Lewis, J
2017-05-01Caregiver characteristics and bereavement needs: Findings from a population studyDiGiacomo, M; Hatano, Y; Phillips, J; Lewis, J; Abernethy, AP; Currow, DC
2020-10-29Caring precariously: An interpretive description of palliative care and welfare worker perspectives on experiences of end of life carers with social welfare needsBindley, K; Lewis, J; Travaglia, J; DiGiacomo, M
2007-01Causes of short-termism in the finance sectorAtherton, AM; Lewis, J; Plant, R
2019Communicating with older peopleWatson, K; Lewis, J; Parker, D
2018-11-01Compassion satisfaction and fatigue: A cross-sectional survey of Australian intensive care nursesJakimowicz, S; Perry, L; Lewis, J
2017-03-01Compassion-satisfaction and compassion-fatigue in Australian intensive care unitsJakimowicz, S; Perry, L; Lewis, J
2003-01Conditions, Connections and Change: Reviewing Australian Architectural Theory 1880-2000Kaji-O'Grady, S; Lewis, J
2023-10-15Decision-making in nursing research and practice-Application of the Cognitive Continuum Theory: A meta-aggregative systematic review.O'Connor, T; Gibson, J; Lewis, J; Strickland, K; Paterson, C
2009-01Developing an index of capability for older people: A new form of measure for public health interventions?Coast, J; Flynn, TN; Grewal, I; Lewis, J; Natarajan, L; Sproston, K; Peters, T; Dawson, S; Morris, ZS
2006-04-01Developing attributes for a generic quality of life measure for older people: Preferences or capabilities?Grewal, I; Lewis, J; Flynn, T; Brown, J; Bond, J; Coast, J
2006-01Directions ReportFane, SA; Herriman, J; Lewis, J