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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-21Applying a framework to assess the impact of cardiovascular outcomes improvement research.Sarkies, MN; Robinson, S; Briffa, T; Duffy, SJ; Nelson, M; Beltrame, J; Cullen, L; Chew, D; Smith, J; Brieger, D; Macdonald, P; Liew, D; Reid, C
2015-12-10Benefits and resource implications of family meetings for hospitalized palliative care patients: Research protocolHudson, PL; Girgis, A; Mitchell, GK; Philip, J; Parker, D; Currow, D; Liew, D; Thomas, K; Le, B; Moran, J; Brand, C
2021-04-23Comparison of EQ-5D-3L with QLU-C10D in Metastatic Melanoma Using Cost-Utility AnalysisKim, H; Cook, G; Goodall, S; Liew, D
2020-05Cost-effectiveness and financial risks associated with immune checkpoint inhibitor therapyKim, H; Liew, D; Goodall, S
2013-01-01Cost-effectiveness of 12-month treatment with ticagrelor compared with clopidogrel in the management of acute coronary syndromesLiew, D; De Abreu Lourenço, R; Adena, M; Chim, L; Aylward, P
2022-06-15Current Issues in Health Technology Assessment of Cancer Therapies: A Survey of Stakeholders and Opinion Leaders in Australia.Kim, H; Liew, D; Goodall, S
2021-01-01Do family meetings for hospitalised palliative care patients improve outcomes and reduce health care costs? A cluster randomised trial.Hudson, P; Girgis, A; Thomas, K; Philip, J; Currow, DC; Mitchell, G; Parker, D; Liew, D; Brand, C; Le, B; Moran, J
2019-05-01Health Technology Assessment Challenges in Oncology: 20 Years of Value in HealthKim, H; Goodall, S; Liew, D
2022-05-25How does the onset of physical disability or dementia in older adults affect economic wellbeing and co-payments for health care? the impact of gender.Hu, Y; Carr, PR; Liew, D; Broder, J; Callander, EJ; McNeil, JJ
2020The potential for early health economic modelling in health technology assessment and reimbursement decision-makingKim, H; Goodall, S; Liew, D
2021-07-14Reassessing the cost-effectiveness of Nivolumab for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma based on mature survival data, updated safety and lower comparator price.Kim, H; Goodall, S; Liew, D
2022-09-01The Cost of Control: Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Hybrid Closed-Loop Therapy in Youth.Pease, A; Callander, E; Zomer, E; Abraham, MB; Davis, EA; Jones, TW; Liew, D; Zoungas, S