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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07-20A comparison of corporate social responsibility practices in the Singapore, Australia and New Zealand construction industriesLoosemore, M; Lim, BTH; Ling, FYY; Zeng, HY
-A Critical Scoping Review of Disability Employment Research in the Construction Industry: Driving Social Innovation through More Inclusive Pathways to Employment OpportunityBailey, S; Carnemolla, P; Loosemore, M; Darcy, S; Sankaran, S
2022-01-01A modelling framework to design an evacuation support system for healthcare infrastructures in response to major flood eventsYazdani, M; Mojtahedi, M; Loosemore, M; Sanderson, D
2021-07-13A review of peer‐reviewed published research on corruption and disasters in the built environmentSanderson, D; Patel, SS; Loosemore, M; Sharma, A; Greenwald, K; Patel, R
2022-02-24A typology of social procurement champions in the construction and engineering industryLoosemore, M; Keast, R; Barraket, J
2021-06-22Aboriginal housing policies must be based on community needs — not what non-Indigenous people think they needDrake, C; Loosemore, M; Evans, J; Wilkinson, S
2021-01-01Affective, cognitive, behavioural and situational outcomes of social procurement: a case study of social value creation in a major facilities management firmLoosemore, M; Osborne, J; Higgon, D
2022-11-01An integrated decision model for managing hospital evacuation in response to an extreme flood event: A case study of the Hawkesbury-Nepean River, NSW, AustraliaYazdani, M; Mojtahedi, M; Loosemore, M; Sanderson, D; Dixit, V
2022-01-01An investigation of how stakeholders influence construction project performance: a small and medium sized contractor’s perspective in the Jordanian construction industryAlkilani, S; Loosemore, M
2018-09-20An investigation of modern building equipment technology adoption in the Australian construction industrySepasgozar, SME; Davis, S; Loosemore, M; Bernold, L
2021-01-01An investigation of safety climate in Chinese major construction projectsZhang, S; Loosemore, M; Sunindijo, RY; Gu, D
2022-07-01Assessing Safety Risk Management Performance in Chinese Subway Construction Projects: A Multistakeholder PerspectiveZhang, S; Loosemore, M; Sunindijo, RY; Galvin, S; Wu, J; Zhang, S
2020-07-23Assessing the impact of social procurement policies for Indigenous peopleDenny-Smith, G; Williams, M; Loosemore, M
2019-01-01Barriers to employment faced by disadvantaged groups targeted by new social procurement policiesLoosemore, M; Alkilani, SZ; Mathenge, R
2021-01-01Barriers to employment for refugees seeking work in the Australian construction industry: an exploratory studyLoosemore, M; Alkilani, SZ; Hammad, AWA
2021-12-01Champions of Social Procurement in the Australian Construction Industry: Evolving Roles and MotivationsLoosemore, M; Keast, R; Barraket, J; Denny-Smith, G
2018-09-02Chinese investment in the Australian construction industry: the social amplification of riskSacilotto, J; Loosemore, M
2012-01Clarifying the Role of Building Information Modeling in Green Building CertificationJupp, JR; Gandhi, S; Kamardeen, I; Newton, S; Lim, B; Loosemore, M
2018-07-03Co-creating social value through cross-sector collaboration between social enterprises and the construction industryBarraket, J; Loosemore, M
2019-01-01Comparing safety climate in infrastructure and building projects in IndonesiaSunindijo, RY; Loosemore, M; Lestari, F; Kusminanti, Y; Widanarko, B; Febrina, C; Amelia, F; Awaludin, A; Matsumoto, T; Pessiki, S; Jonkers, H; Siswosukarto, S; Setiawan, AF; Putri, KNR