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2020-07Effectiveness of child restraint legislation to reduce motor vehicle related serious injuries and fatalities: A national interrupted time series analysis.Shanthosh, J; Rogers, K; Lung, T; Brown, J; Ivers, R; Wilson, A; Jan, S
2019-10-01Fixed-combination, low-dose, triple-pill antihypertensive medication versus usual care in patients with mild-to-moderate hypertension in Sri Lanka: a within-trial and modelled economic evaluation of the TRIUMPH trialLung, T; Jan, S; de Silva, HA; Guggilla, R; Maulik, PK; Naik, N; Patel, A; de Silva, AP; Rajapakse, S; Ranasinghe, G; Prabhakaran, D; Rodgers, A; Salam, A; Selak, V; Stepien, S; Thom, S; Webster, R; Lea-Laba, T
2017-06-23Healthcare expenditure on Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians at high risk of cardiovascular diseaseAngell, B; Laba, TL; Lung, T; Brown, A; Eades, S; Usherwood, T; Peiris, D; Billot, L; Hillis, G; Webster, R; Tonkin, A; Reid, C; Molanus, B; Rafter, N; Cass, A; Patel, A; Jan, S
2018-08Medication non-adherence in a cohort of chronically ill Australians: A case of missed opportunities.Laba, T-L; Lung, T; Jan, S; Scaria, A; Usherwood, T; Brien, J-A; Plant, N; Leeder, S
2021-12Population-Based Projection of Vision-Related Disability in Australia 2020 - 2060: Prevalence, Causes, Associated Factors and Demand for Orientation and Mobility Services.Chang, K-YJ; Rogers, K; Lung, T; Shih, S; Huang-Lung, J; Keay, L
2022Prior Cardiovascular Treatments-A Key Characteristic in Determining Medication Adherence After an Acute Myocardial Infarction.Campain, A; Hockham, C; Sukkar, L; Rogers, K; Chow, CK; Lung, T; Jun, M; Pollock, C; Cass, A; Sullivan, D; Comino, E; Peiris, D; Jardine, M
2022-05Risk factors for incident kidney disease in older adults: an Australian prospective population-based study.Kang, A; Sukkar, L; Hockham, C; Jun, M; Young, T; Scaria, A; Foote, C; Neuen, BL; Cass, A; Pollock, C; Comino, E; Lung, T; Pecoits-Filho, R; Rogers, K; Jardine, MJ; EXTEND45 Study Steering Committee†,
2022-02-02Scaling-up food policies in the Pacific Islands: protocol for policy engagement and mixed methods evaluation of intervention implementation.Webster, J; Waqa, G; Thow, A-M; Allender, S; Lung, T; Woodward, M; Rogers, K; Tukana, I; Kama, A; Wilson, D; Mounsey, S; Dodd, R; Reeve, E; McKenzie, BL; Johnson, C; Bell, C
2023-06-20The Emergency nurse Protocols Initiating Care-Sydney Triage to Admission Risk Tool (EPIC-START) trial: protocol for a stepped wedge implementation trial.Curtis, K; Dinh, MM; Shetty, A; Kourouche, S; Fry, M; Considine, J; Li, L; Lung, T; Shaw, T; Lam, MK; Murphy, M; Alkhouri, H; Aggar, C; Russell, SB; Seimon, RV; Hughes, JA; Varndell, W; Shaban, RZ
2018-02-01What is the value of a driver licence? A contingent valuation study of Australian adultsAngell, B; Cullen, P; Laba, T; Lung, T; Shanahan, M; Sakashita, C; Eades, S; Ivers, R; Jan, S