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2020-10A systematic review of the impact of contemporary treatment modalities for cervical cancer on women's self-reported health-related quality of life.Wiltink, LM; King, M; Müller, F; Sousa, MS; Tang, M; Pendlebury, A; Pittman, J; Roberts, N; Mileshkin, L; Mercieca-Bebber, R; Tait, M-A; Campbell, R; Rutherford, C
2019-12-01A cell cycle-coordinated Polymerase II transcription compartment encompasses gene expression before global genome activationHadzhiev, Y; Qureshi, HK; Wheatley, L; Cooper, L; Jasiulewicz, A; Van Nguyen, H; Wragg, JW; Poovathumkadavil, D; Conic, S; Bajan, S; Sik, A; Hutvàgner, G; Tora, L; Gambus, A; Fossey, JS; Müller, F
2021-07Integrated methods and scenarios for assessment of sand dunes ecosystem services.Dang, KB; Nguyen, TT; Ngo, HH; Burkhard, B; Müller, F; Dang, VB; Nguyen, H; Ngo, VL; Pham, TPN
2021-11Longitudinal patterns in fear of cancer progression in patients with rare, advanced cancers undergoing comprehensive tumour genomic profiling.Butow, P; Müller, F; Napier, CE; Bartley, N; Ballinger, ML; Biesecker, B; Juraskova, I; Meiser, B; Schlub, TE; Thomas, DM; Goldstein, D; Best, MC; Members of the PiGeOn Project,
2016-01-01Resilience and adaptability of rice terrace social-ecological systems: A case study of a local community’s perception in Banaue, PhilippinesCastonguay, AC; Burkhard, B; Müller, F; Horgan, FG; Settele, J
2021-06The Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy Eight Dimension (FACT-8D), a Multi-Attribute Utility Instrument Derived From the Cancer-Specific FACT-General (FACT-G) Quality of Life Questionnaire: Development and Australian Value Set.King, MT; Norman, R; Mercieca-Bebber, R; Costa, DSJ; McTaggart-Cowan, H; Peacock, S; Janda, M; Müller, F; Viney, R; Pickard, AS; Cella, D; Multi-Attribute Utility in Cancer Consortium,
2021-05United States Utility Algorithm for the EORTC QLU-C10D, a Multiattribute Utility Instrument Based on a Cancer-Specific Quality-of-Life Instrument.Revicki, DA; King, MT; Viney, R; Pickard, AS; Mercieca-Bebber, R; Shaw, JW; Müller, F; Norman, R
2024-01United States Value Set for the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-General Eight Dimensions (FACT-8D), a Cancer-Specific Preference-Based Quality of Life Instrument.King, MT; Revicki, DA; Norman, R; Müller, F; Viney, RC; Pickard, AS; Cella, D; Shaw, JW; MAUCa Consortium,