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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Activities in extended videoMa, F; Li, P; Zhu, L; Dong, X; Liu, Y; Yang, Y
2019-09-01AHL-mediated quorum sensing regulates the variations of microbial community and sludge properties of aerobic granular sludge under low organic loadingChen, H; Li, A; Cui, C; Ma, F; Cui, D; Zhao, H; Wang, Q; Ni, B; Yang, J
2020-01-01Context Modulated Dynamic Networks for Actor and Action Video Segmentation with Language QueriesWang, H; Deng, C; Ma, F; Yang, Y
2017-10-23A dual-network progressive approach to weakly supervised object detectionDong, X; Meng, D; Ma, F; Yang, Y
2019-07-01Few-Example Object Detection with Model CommunicationDong, X; Zheng, L; Ma, F; Yang, Y; Meng, D
2021-05-07Learning With Noisy Labels via Self-Reweighting From Class Centroids.Ma, F; Wu, Y; Yu, X; Yang, Y
2019-07-01Online learning to rank in a listwise approach for information retrievalMa, F; Yang, H; Yin, H; Huang, X; Yan, C; Meng, X
2017-01-01Self-paced co-trainingMa, F; Meng, D; Xie, Q; Li, Z; Dong, X
2020-04-01Self-paced multi-view co-trainingMa, F; Meng, D; Dong, X; Yang, Y
2020-01-01SF-Net: Single-Frame Supervision for Temporal Action LocalizationThis is a post-peer-review, pre-copyedit version of an article published in [Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subse]. The final authenticated version is available online at:]”; Ma, F; Zhu, L; Yang, Y; Zha, S; Kundu, G; Feiszli, M; Shou, Z