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2017-10Childhood Stress and Adversity is Associated with Late-Life Dementia in Aboriginal Australians.Radford, K; Delbaere, K; Draper, B; Mack, HA; Daylight, G; Cumming, R; Chalkley, S; Minogue, C; Broe, GA
2018-08-03The effectiveness of a sustained nurse home visiting intervention for Aboriginal infants compared with non-Aboriginal infants and with Aboriginal infants receiving usual child health care: A quasi-experimental trial - The Bulundidi Gudaga studyKemp, L; Grace, R; Comino, E; Jackson Pulver, L; McMahon, C; Harris, E; Harris, M; George, A; Mack, HA
2019-01-01Factors Associated with the High Prevalence of Dementia in Older Aboriginal AustraliansRadford, K; Lavrencic, LM; Delbaere, K; Draper, B; Cumming, R; Daylight, G; Mack, HA; Chalkley, S; Bennett, H; Garvey, G; Hill, TY; Lasschuit, D; Broe, GA
2023-09Managers' experiences of providing end-of-life care under the Home Care Package Program.Simonetti, S; Parker, D; Mack, HA; Wise, S
2020-10-10Older Aboriginal Australians' Health Concerns and Preferences for Healthy Ageing Programs.Wettasinghe, PM; Allan, W; Garvey, G; Timbery, A; Hoskins, S; Veinovic, M; Daylight, G; Mack, HA; Minogue, C; Donovan, T; Broe, GA; Radford, K; Delbaere, K
2018-04-01The oral health behaviours and fluid consumption practices of young urban Aboriginal preschool children in south-western Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaGeorge, A; Grace, R; Elcombe, E; Villarosa, AR; Mack, HA; Kemp, L; Ajwani, S; Wright, DC; Anderson, C; Bucknall, N; Comino, E
2020-11Staying in touch with the community: understanding self-reported health and research priorities in older Aboriginal Australians.Lavrencic, LM; Mack, HA; Daylight, G; Wall, S; Anderson, M; Hoskins, S; Hindman, E; Broe, GA; Radford, K