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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Calibrating assessment literacy through benchmarking tasksKnight, S; Leigh, A; Davila, YC; Martin, LJ; Krix, DW
2011-12-13A comparison of short-term marking methods for small frogs using a model species, the striped marsh frog (Limnodynastes peronii)Martin, LJ; Murray, BR
2017-12-01Ecological impacts of fire trails on plant assemblages in edge habitat adjacent to trailsKrix, DW; Hingee, MC; Martin, LJ; Phillips, ML; Murray, BR
2013Impacts of invasive exotic plants on reptile and amphibian assemblagesMartin, LJ
2021-10-04Lost but Not Forgotten: Identifying Unmapped and Unlisted Environmental Hazards including Abandoned MinesYoung, KP; Murray, BR; Martin, LJ; Murray, ML
2011-05-01A predictive framework and review of the ecological impacts of exotic plant invasions on reptiles and amphibiansMartin, LJ; Murray, BR
2013-01-01A preliminary assessment of the response of a native reptile assemblage to spot-spraying invasive Bitou Bush with glyphosate herbicideMartin, LJ; Murray, BR
2018-05-09Selecting low-flammability plants as green firebreaks within sustainable urban garden designMurray, BR; Martin, LJ; Brown, C; Krix, DW; Phillips, ML
2015-01-01Selective foraging behaviour in the Scincid lizard Lampropholis guichenotiMartin, LJ
-Shoot Flammability Patterns in Native and Exotic Street Tree Species at the Wildland–Urban Interface of Eastern AustraliaHuber-Smith, NK; Morley, ES; Krix, DW; Murray, ML; Webb, JK; Martin, LJ; Young, K; McLean, CM; Hingee, MC; Murray, BR
2017-01-01Taxonomic perils and pitfalls of dataset assembly in ecology: A case study of the naturalized Asteraceae in AustraliaMurray, BR; Martin, LJ; Phillips, ML; Pyšek, P