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-A unified call to action from Australian Nursing and Midwifery leaders: ensuring that Black Lives MatterGeia, L; Baird, K; Bail, K; Barclay, L; Bennett, J; Best, O; Birks, M; Blackley, L; Blackman, R; Bonner, A; Bryant AO, R; Kitson, A; Knight, S; Levett-Jones, T; Lindsay, D; Lovett, R; Luck, L; Malloy, L; Manias, E; Mannix, J; Marriott AM, R; Mills, J; Martin, M; Massey, D; McCloughen, A; McGough, S; McGrath, L; Mitchell, B; Mohamed, J; Montayre, J; Moroney, T; Moyle, W; Moxham, L; Northam AM, H; Nowlan, S; O'Brien, T; Power, T; Ogunsiji, O; Patterson, C; Pennington, K; Peters, K; Phillips, J; Procter, N; Ramjan, L; Ramsay, N; Rasmussen, B; Rihari-Thomas, J; Rind, B; Robinson, M; Roche, M; Sainsbury, K; Smallwood, G; Salamonson, Y; Sherwood, J; Shields, L; Sim, J; Skinner, I; Smallwood, R; Stewart, L; Taylor, S; Usher AM, K; Virdun, C; Wannell, J; Ward, R; West, C; West, R; Buzzacott, C; Wilkes, L; Williams, R; Wilson, R; Wynaden, D; Wynn, R; Campbell, S; Catling, C; Chamberlain, C; Cox, L; Cross, W; Cruickshank, M; Cummins, A; Dahlen, H; Daly, J; Darbyshire, P; Davidson, P; Denny-Wilson, E; De Souza, R; Doyle, K; Drummond, A; Duff, J; Duffield, C; Dunning, T; East, L; Elliott, D; Elmir, R; Fergie, D; Ferguson, C; Fernandez, R; Flower AM, D; Foureur, M; Fowler, C; Fry, M; Gorman, E; Grant, J; Gray, J; Halcomb, E; Hart, B; Hartz, D; Hazelton, M; Heaton, L; Hickman, L; Homer, C; Hungerford, C; Hutton, A; Jackson AO, D; Johnson, A; Kelly, M
2022-08-03Correction to: Peripheral muscle function during repeated changes of direction in professional soccer players.Rampinini, E; Martin, M; Ferioli, D; Bosio, A; Azzolini, M; Riggio, M; Maffiuletti, NA
2023-11-05Distress and psychosocial support seeking: A comparison of rural and metropolitan oncology patient experiences.Martin, M; Rice, K; Murray, CV; Rock, AJ; Usher, KJ
2021-08-01European Decorative ArtsMcNeil, P; Martin, M; White, J
2019-11-01Evaluation of benazepril in cats with heart disease in a prospective, randomized, blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trialKing, JN; Martin, M; Chetboul, V; Ferasin, L; French, AT; Strehlau, G; Seewald, W; Smith, SGW; Swift, ST; Roberts, SL; Harvey, AM; Little, CJL; Caney, SMA; Simpson, KE; Sparkes, AH; Mardell, EJ; Bomassi, E; Muller, C; Sauvage, JP; Diquélou, A; Schneider, MA; Brown, LJ; Clarke, DD; Rousselot, JF
2021-01-01Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on professional soccer players’ match physical activitiesRampinini, E; Martin, M; Bosio, A; Donghi, F; Carlomagno, D; Riggio, M; Coutts, AJ
2021-09Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Serie A Soccer Players' Physical Qualities.Rampinini, E; Donghi, F; Martin, M; Bosio, A; Riggio, M; Maffiuletti, NA
2020-09Influence of ball possession and playing position on the physical demands encountered during professional basketball games.Ferioli, D; Rampinini, E; Martin, M; Rucco, D; Torre, AL; Petway, A; Scanlan, A
2022-09Peripheral muscle function during repeated changes of direction in professional soccer players.Rampinini, E; Martin, M; Davide, F; Bosio, A; Azzolini, M; Riggio, M; Maffiuletti, NA
2022-04-29Relationships Between Internal and External Load Measures and Fitness Level Changes in Professional Soccer Players.Martin, M; Rampinini, E; Bosio, A; Azzalin, A; McCall, A; Ward, P
2023-04Relationships between training dose and record power outputs in professional road cyclists: insights and threats to validity.Gallo, G; Bosio, A; Martin, M; Morelli, A; Azzolini, M; Guercilena, L; Larrazabal, J; Rampinini, E