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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01Adaptive Part Variation: A near real-time approach to construction tolerancesVasey, L; Maxwell, IJ; Pigram, DA; McGee, W; Ponce de Leon, M
2012-01Algorithmic Typology: Towards an Operational ModelMaxwell, IJ; Pigram, DA; Leach, N; Yuan, PF
-City BreederPigram, DA; Maxwell, IJ; Anthony Burke
-Clouds of VeniceMaxwell, IJ; Pigram, DA; Burke, A; Reinmuth, G
2015Gaudi's Puffy Jacket: A Method for the Implementation of Fabric Slump Casting in the Construction of Thin-Wall Funicular Vault StructuresMaxwell, IJ; Pigram, DA; Block, P; Knippers, J; Mitra, NJ; Wang, W
-HighlystrungPigram, DA; Maxwell, IJ; Leach, N; Wei-Guo, X; Snooks, R
2012-01In the Cause of Architecture: Traversing Design and MakingPigram, DA; Maxwell, IJ; Davidson, C; Roche, GEF
-Living MorphologiesMaxwell, IJ; Pigram, DA; Brayer, MA; Migayrou, F
2014-01Long Divide: The Drawing of ArchitectureMaxwell, IJ; Pigram, DA
2011PrickingMaxwell, IJ; Pigram, DA; Schork, T; Nicholas, P
-ProtosynthesisPigram, DA; Maxwell, IJ; Marc Fornes
2010-01Supermanoeuvre - Inorganic Speciation: Matter, Behaviour and Formation in ArchitectureMaxwell, IJ; Pigram, DA; Krauel, J
-SupermatterPigram, DA; Maxwell, IJ; McGee, W; Peter Macapia
2016Towards Real-Time Adaptive Fabrication-Aware Form Finding in ArchitecturePigram, DA; Maxwell, IJ; McGee, W; Reinhardt, D; Saunders, R; Burry, J
-TrabeculaePigram, DA; Maxwell, IJ; Rothenberg, B; Blasetti, E; Leach, N; Wei-Guo, X
2014-01Transforming Architectural PracticeMaxwell, IJ; Pigram, DA